Assumptions About Participant-Led Meetings


Meeting formats such as open spaces, unconferences and world cafes have blown up the traditional classroom model of learning. Even though some may have heard of these terms, planners don’t always know exactly what they mean. Therefore, meeting and event planners often assume the right way to go about introducing new formats to the meetings or […]

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The Evolution of Audience Response Tools


Remember when audience polling meant those cumbersome, black devices that looked like TV remotes? Today’s audience response tools have taken on many different forms. There are standalone polling apps such as and Polleverywhere, which are simple, cheap, reliable and easy to use. Microsoft’s Bing Pulse allows audience members to tap a screen as often as […]

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10 Things to Ask When Planning a Meeting


Whether you have planned 100 meetings or none at all, there is no doubt that the list of questions to ask seems endless. Next time you are tasked with being the “planner”, impress your boss with new perspectives and show them your thought process. Everyone will feel kept in the loop and prepared for the coming […]

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Open Office vs. Closed Office Debate


The trends are screaming that open offices are in and cubicles are out. The reasoning is to improve collaboration but how about productivity? January’s Work Design TALK at our Tysons Corner location brought together some of the design industry’s top professionals. They were asked what they love and hate about open office spaces vs. closed office […]

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Are we living in the office?


Convene was excited to host one of Work Design Magazine‘s TALKS about residential design in late January. Expert panelists in the design industry focused on the convergence of residential design characteristics into the workplace and trying to understand a bit more about those gaps in the open-work environments. Opinions were also given on what aspects of residential […]

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Optimize Your Experience with Corporate Event & Meeting Agencies


Ever wonder what your planning agency associate is really thinking? Earlier this month, Helms Briscoe and NYC &Co gathered at Convene’s Grand Central conference center for a panel discussion on “How Best to Work with Helms Briscoe.” The panelists featured at the event were a group of Helms Briscoe associates and each one gave the audience a […]

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2014 Year in Review


As a new year begins, we wanted to take a look back on the incredible year we have had as a company. Here’s a look at some of Convene’s successful accomplishments in 2014.

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Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions in the Meetings and Events Industry


Making a New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to themselves to improve something in the year ahead. We wanted to know what was important to meeting and event planners so we asked some industry professionals what their resolutions were for 2015. The top 3 answers by meeting and event […]

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The Fewer Requests Attendees Need to Make, the Better Their Experience


Convene was featured in the recent Fall 2014 issue of Facilities & Destinations, “the most comprehensive tool for association and corporate planners.” The article discusses anticipatory service, from a supplier perspective, and what it means for meeting planners, venues, and attendees. Read the full article below “People are more likely to do without a much needed resource than ask– […]

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Food to Fuel Your Meeting Participants


When it comes to planning an off-site meeting or corporate event, planners sometimes get talked into choosing meals for their attendees that aren’t always the “perfect” options. Hotels and conference centers will often times serve foods that include heavy  pastas, meaty dishes, and carbohydrates as these menu options usually cost the least to produce and are the easiest […]

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