Millenials: Death To The Cubicle


Millennials, who are less loyal and more demanding than any generation that preceded them, became the largest population in the U.S. workforce this year and are projected to make up 30 percent of the nation’s retail spending by 2020. Brands responding to their growing relevance are increasingly turning to human-centered designs to court their attention […]

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Fast Is Not Enough — Your Company Should Be Focusing on Hospitality


McDonald’s is facing a crisis. Despite all its efforts to accelerate drive-thru times — handing out 60-second hourglasses at the payment window, adding parking spots to reduce bottlenecking, and trimming the drive-thru menu to minimize waffling — profits continue to suffer. Quick service is an American obsession, but McDonald’s may be missing the point. Fast isn’t enough to […]

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Get The Speakers Your Audience Wants To See


People attend events for one of three reasons: they want to travel, they want to network or they want to learn. If they are coming to your event to learn something, then you better make sure that you have a stellar line up of speakers planned! Getting the right speakers for your event and audience […]

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The Progression of Strategic Meetings Management


The term strategic meetings management as it was created by the Global Business Travel Association’s Groups & Meetings Committee in 2004 seems almost antiquated 11 years later. That version of SMM emerged from the T&E discipline, and was based on creating an enterprise-wide policy for registering company meetings and a process through which companies could […]

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Presentation Styles to Spice Up Your Event


Do you want to be like every other conference or meeting out there? NO! You want to stand out from the crowd and make people line up to attend your event. There are a few ways that you can do this, but one way is getting creative with presentation formats. Step outside of the box […]

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Join us May 14 for “Hacked Buildings: Re-imagining Service and Design to Power the Experiential Workplace”


Date: Thursday May 14, 2015 Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM Location: Convene @ 101 Park Ave (corner of 41st St.), New York, NY 10178 Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM Space is limited, Please click HERE to reserve your seat today.  The Architectural firm Gensler, coined the term “Hackable Building” as part of their award-winning entry […]

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Assumptions About Participant-Led Meetings


Meeting formats such as open spaces, unconferences and world cafes have blown up the traditional classroom model of learning. Even though some may have heard of these terms, planners don’t always know exactly what they mean. Therefore, meeting and event planners often assume the right way to go about introducing new formats to the meetings or […]

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The Evolution of Audience Response Tools


Remember when audience polling meant those cumbersome, black devices that looked like TV remotes? Today’s audience response tools have taken on many different forms. There are standalone polling apps such as and Polleverywhere, which are simple, cheap, reliable and easy to use. Microsoft’s Bing Pulse allows audience members to tap a screen as often as […]

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10 Things to Ask When Planning a Meeting


Whether you have planned 100 meetings or none at all, there is no doubt that the list of questions to ask seems endless. Next time you are tasked with being the “planner”, impress your boss with new perspectives and show them your thought process. Everyone will feel kept in the loop and prepared for the coming […]

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Open Office vs. Closed Office Debate


The trends are screaming that open offices are in and cubicles are out. The reasoning is to improve collaboration but how about productivity? January’s Work Design TALK at our Tysons Corner location brought together some of the design industry’s top professionals. They were asked what they love and hate about open office spaces vs. closed office […]

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