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Is Boston the Smartest City?

By Natalie Holmes

Most major cities in the U.S. now have a smart city plan, with different cities at various different stages of implementation. To kick off the Convene Smart City series, we take a look at how technology is transforming Boston.

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How To Upgrade Your Next Corporate Training Program

By Brittany Valente

Our latest eBook provides a beginner’s guide that helps human resources as well as learning & development managers avoid the common pitfalls that traditional training programs face. We offer tips for creating compelling experiences that help trainees learn ‘how to learn’ better.


Planning Tips For Large Corporate Events

By Raymond Cheng

Planning a large corporate event – whether it be a town hall, conference, summit, or gala – is a daunting task. In fact, the complexity of planning tends to grow exponentially as the size of the event grows. In our latest eBook, we share tips to overcome the most critical aspects of large-format event planning.