Our transformation from Sentry Centers to Convene is much more than just a new name.  It’s the materialization and full blown implementation of a new set of best practices that optimize our space and service to produce a more enjoyable and productive user experience.

A corporate name change can be a highly disruptive activity and is never undertaken lightly.  In truth, it would hardly be worth the effort if it were about a change in name only.  Our name change, from Sentry Centers to Convene, is a reflection of our evolution as a company and our commitment to ongoing innovation.  We are now singularly focused on providing purpose built spaces and integrated services to ensure the success of our client’s business meetings.  Innovation is part of our DNA and to keep it flowing we rely on a method known as Human Centered Design.  Also referred to as “Design Thinking,” this method has allowed us to reengineer every aspect of our space, service, culinary and technology offerings.  It has enabled the creation of extraordinary experiences that reflect and reconcile the often-divergent needs of our stakeholders.  Every decision we make is based on a deep understanding of the needs of the Meeting Planner, their Client, and the Meeting Participants.  Our knowledge of their process allows us to anticipate their needs and, hopefully, to always exceed their expectations.

We are excited about the future and our growth plan includes rapid expansion to other cities and the addition of new services. Part of that plan is our rebranding, this revised website and the addition of this Blog.  In addition to Research, Blog topics will include Design, Collaboration, Technology, Cuisine and Service – all key elements to a successful meeting experience.  Putting a blog on a page titled Research might seem odd to some.  We did this with intention as it reflects our ongoing commitment to provide new research that helps the field of Meeting Planning to advance and also as evidence of our desire to continually share our findings and knowledge.  This blog will always post what we’re learning and also what we think is cool.  Most important, however, is that we hope to engage your participation and begin an ongoing dialogue.  So please share your thoughts and let us know what works and is meaningful for you.

Thanks for reading this far ….  Please shoot us an email if you are interested in learning more about Convene’s User Council where we host insightful conversations among industry thought leaders.

Joyce Bromberg

VP, Strategy and Research


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