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Convene integrates all the elements of a successful meeting: technology, culinary & catering, space design and production, with all-in-one pricing.

For each space we setup, every meal we prepare, and every unique detail in your run of show, we are focused on making your meeting or event as frictionless and enjoyable as possible. Our amazing team of people are trained to help with whatever you may need.

Human-Centered Design Friendly Spaces

Our design philosophy and continuous improvement methodology aims to enhance the experience of every user in our spaces.

We put ourselves in the seats of meeting leaders, trainers, participants, and planners. The insights we have gained over the years have been used to iterate every aspect of the Convene experience, maximizing participant engagement as well as content delivery.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our meeting and conference technology is completely integrated within all of our conference centers and meeting spaces.

Each room type is purposely designed to cover every audio and visual need. For special requests and customized needs, we provide a complimentary technology consultation and on-site technicians to help plan and execute even the most complex event set-ups.

Premium, Fresh Cuisine Made Onsite

By studying the science of catering to large groups of people, particularly in a business context, and by considering every palate and dietary preference, we’ve created fresh, farm-to-table snacks and meals within our on-site kitchen, so that our clients never have to order “rubber chicken” food for their attendees again.

Dedicated Production and Planning Teams

Our planning and production department has made it their mission to streamline communications, over-deliver on service, and do whatever it takes to make a meeting planner’s job less stressful and also more enjoyable for their attendees.

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