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Convene has completely reinvented the way that conference technology is integrated and used in our training centers and meetings. Each training facility room type is outfitted with an all-inclusive technology services package that intends to cover every audiovisual resource that could reasonably be required. For special requests and training center needs, we provide complementary tech advisory during the pre-booking process so that integration can be planned for and properly budgeted in advance. Most importantly, we understand that the quality of technology productions is ultimately a public reflection on the meeting planner and the company he or she represents. That’s why we carefully maintain our equipment like airplane engines by logging usage, proactively upgrading equipment, and changing bulbs in advance of the end of their useful life.

In-house, certified tech teams…

Training Center & Facility Technology Services On-Site

Support meetings with enhanced production equipment such as soundboards, video conferencing cameras, etc., which are typically found in our large Forum spaces.

Always On

Training Center & Facility Technology Services On-Site

Our technology advisors are always available for phone or in-person consultation to suggest technology solutions that support more productive programming.

Rethinking Tech: 86ing the “Nickels and Dimes”

Training Center & Facility Technology Services On-Site

We found out the hard way that technology can be a thorn in the side of meeting planners.