Whether you have planned 100 meetings or none at all, there is no doubt that the list of questions to ask seems endless. Next time you are tasked with being the “planner”, impress your boss with new perspectives and show them your thought process. Everyone will feel kept in the loop and prepared for the coming meeting.

Use the questions below to organize your thinking and reasoning while using them to make decisions for the perfect meeting or corporate event.


1. What are my goals and my organization’s goals for this program?

  • Choose the desired accomplishments:
    • To communicate and share pre-determined information (i.e. training)
    • Generate new ideas (i.e. strategic planning)
    • Make decisions (i.e. board meeting)


2. What resources need to be provided to support my participants in achieving their strategic objectives?


3. What does the site I’ve selected say about my company and myself?


4. Does the schedule leave enough time for informal socialization and discussion?


5. Does my menu have enough variety and healthy choices?

  • Special dietary needs
  • Allergies


6. Have I anticipated and specified the right technology? Is it easy to use, accessible, and ready for participants use as needed?


7. Do the breakout rooms allow my participants to make their thinking visible, in order to easily communicate and share their ideas?


8. Is the furniture ergonomic; Will it support my attendees in comfort for the duration of the program?


9. What can I do to make the meeting more productive? Is the room-set aligned with the program objectives?


10. Have I considered the needs of all my participants; not only during, but also before, in between, and after the program?