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Improved Insights into Your Virtual and Hybrid Events

Posted April 23, 2021 By Convene

As an event planner, you invest countless hours crafting the perfect event to be enjoyed by all in attendance, but when the lights go out and the (virtual) room empties, some would say – the real work begins.

Event analytics are an essential component of any organizer’s toolkit, working to validate your success metrics and identifying areas of improvement for your next production. This invaluable data allows each meeting and event planner in putting together more impactful programs, expanding your sponsors’ reach, and ultimately reaching your company’s business goals.

It is this appreciation of audience feedback and intelligence that we’ve incorporated into building our best-in-class virtual meetings platform, and the one we use to iterate to continuously improve for our clients. Our latest suite of revamped virtual meetings intelligence tools work to enhance both insight and usability, with improved report fidelity and optimized for Excel analysis.

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Below is a comprehensive breakdown of how our features can help you improve your event analytics:

Excel Excellence

Based on client feedback, we revamped the way we deliver your virtual meetings analytics from CSV files to XLSX files, so planners can now take advantage of multiple tabs. In addition to multi-tabs, all values are now formula and filter ready to reduce the need to manually update cell values upon export.

Each event analytics package now has one zip which consists of seven reports, including brand new assets – downloadable collateral and chat reports:

  1. Attendance
  2. Main stage
  3. Session
  4. Sponsor
  5. Speaker
  6. Collateral — new!
  7. Chat — new!

Additionally, we worked to ensure each report had a standard template (when possible). This allows for easier cross-report analysis, where, in most cases, each report consists of three tabs to display user-specific engagement, aggregate engagement, and the same column definitions. For reports with a “Users” tab, the asset includes attendee’s first name, last name, and email address, and if the user opted to provide their company and title, these attributes would appear as well.

Attendance Report

In today’s virtual world, some of the most important questions for organizers include: “Where are my users viewing from? And (how long) are they engaged?” To provide additional insight, we added “Country” and “City” to the attendance report, on top of existing features such as being able to see which users accessed the site and how long they stayed on.

To specifically track session engagement, Main Stage and Breakout session reports can now be separated to track program turnout on a more micro-level, thereby adding another layer of accuracy to your data reports.

  • These reports include a “Users” tab in addition to a “Summary” tab that aggregates metrics per day of the event.
  • In addition to the standard user attributes, both Main Stage and Breakout reports will have a “Users” tab which includes which day the attendee watched and for how long.
  • For Breakouts, the session report’s “Summary” is segmented by session titles.

Sponsor Report

Did you know, 43% of single-day conferences and 41% of multi-day conferences are made possible through sponsorship? Reports on engagement allow organizers to build and strengthen relationships with both existing and new event sponsors, alike.

Through Convene’s sponsor reports, organizers can share how attendees engaged with programming, and information that can help these attendees translate into potential customers.

This report measures engagement with sponsor content, including link clicks, email clicks, and chat clicks. Each report also includes sponsor-specific tabs to simplify segmentation that focuses solely on one sponsor. All of this content can be easily exported within Excel to share with the sponsor or your team.

Speaker Report

The speaker report measures engagement with presenter’s content. This report is similar to the sponsor report, with near-identical data points – allowing you to track which programming was the most impactful, which can be used for future planning or recruitment purposes.

Collateral Report

Attendees can download supplemental collateral files through our platform, at every session, if the organizer chooses. This action usually signals the audience found the content relevant and important to save and is an excellent point of engagement. The collateral report measures downloads per file so that you can see which content resonated most, and from which event page.

Chat Report

Chat is an integral part of any social or networking event, and outside of breakouts, it’s the primary way attendees interact directly with one another. The chat report measures which attendees are actively engaging and making forward investments in making connections.

Security first, always: The Virtual Meeting chat is currently for one-on-one private conversations, so we never store or report on the content of private messages.

Constantly Innovating with You in Mind

The beauty of data analytics reporting is that there are always new and innovative ways to consider how to tell the story of the human experience through data points. Thanks to our commitment to building the best-in-class virtual meetings platform, and the generous help of user feedback, Convene stays two steps ahead with our vision roadmap.

Here are some of our most immediate priorities, and what you can expect next from our team:

  • Custom registration attributes so you can better understand your audience attending the event.
  •  An event planner dashboard with real-time viewing metrics, so you don’t have to wait until the event ends to analyze the event.
  • Data visualization tools to make reports more consumable through charts or graphs.

Your needs and experiences are critical in helping us improve our Virtual Meetings Platform. If you recently hosted a virtual event, we’d love to hear what metrics you found helpful and any metrics that you wish you had.

And if you’re planning a virtual event and are new to what makes an event successful, or how to think about what engagement to track, shoot us a line at info@convene.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


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