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Registration and Login – Finding the Right Fit

Posted April 23, 2021 By Convene

At Convene, we realize first impressions for each event begin to form during small touchpoints like registration and login.

While these moments might be the last things on an attendee’s mind, a clunky or friction-filled experience is sure to hurt the event’s overall impact for that attendee.

Each event creates an opportunity to learn more about the participants through a thoughtful registration process, and often information that can be used to meet various levels of verification to ensure the meeting or event is shared only with the appropriate stakeholders. However, collecting this information must also take user experience into consideration. Apple observed when a sign-up flow for various applications was only three clicks, there was a 61 percent conversion rate, four clicks led to a 48 percent conversion rate, and nine clicks dropped the conversion rate to a measly seven percent.

Designing a great registration and login solution is a balancing act that prioritizes collecting key information, while not overwhelming attendees with too many questions. While less clicks can equal less “friction” for the attendee, registration and login play crucial roles when it comes to compliance with security standards and adherence to best practices in data privacy. If you ask for too little information, you run the risk of missing out on critical insights that can help you analyze the success of your event. Moreover, not capturing key information up front may even create problems for the attendees during the event, for example they may not be assigned to the most relevant breakout sessions or may not be able to make full use of networking chat because of incomplete attendee profiles. Convene’s one-stop registration function is designed to address this push-pull and enhance both the organizer’s and the attendee’s user experience. In fact, our event sites can be configured to support attendee registration prior to the event, as well as on the day of the event. We also offer options to customize your registration form, helping to gather the right level of detail from each attendee while collecting key insights from your event.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 4.58.48 PM

In today’s virtual events landscape, there is a wide range of platforms and applications being used to remotely connect audiences and stakeholders. But, at Convene, we firmly believe that attendees shouldn’t have to jump through additional hoops or download various apps for each event they plan to attend. Incorporating comprehensive troves of client feedback, we improved Convene’s virtual platform on the backend to create a sign-in feature that streamlines this registration and login process, ensuring a quick, seamless, and secure experience for each attendee. Additionally, if you already have an external registration process that works for you, we can import your data on the day of the event, so attendees won’t have to go through an unnecessary, additional, or unfamiliar registration process.

In addition to balancing between a tedious login and a frictionless experience, organizers also have to often consider building in security to their event access workflow. Our full-service platform offers options that meet your organization’s business needs while complying with security standards and best practices in data privacy. We ensure the highest level of security for your event, paired with the least amount of effort on the part of your guests.

 Finding the Right Entry Type for your Event

With our updated registration and sign-in features, planners can create streamlined registration and login experiences, programmed with different levels of verification – all without compromising an ounce of security or customer experience. Always with your brand at the forefront, powered by our end-to-end technology, attendees are warmly welcomed into their virtual event experience and are free to focus on what matters: the programming and experiences delivered by your team, and the community you’ve brought together.

Do you have questions on how to customize your registration and login experience for an upcoming event? Book a demo with us, and we’ll show you how to best utilize our platform to bring your vision to life.


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