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Convene Virtual Meetings: Updates & Releases

Posted September 16, 2020 By Convene

Convene Virtual Meetings was created to help your virtual events thrive. In this ever changing world, we know first hand that you need a platform and partner that can change along with it. That’s why we’re continuously improving our platform to ensure that you have the tools and support needed to meet your targets both now and in the future. 

To help you stay informed about our latest available information and what we’re working on, we’re thrilled to share Convene Virtual Meetings Platform Updates. From cosmetic refinements to new feature releases, this guide will serve as your go-to resource for all of our recent developments. You can think of it as a direct line of communication, straight from our engineering team to you. 

Be sure to check back for more updates, and feel free to connect with our team of Virtual Meeting Producers to test them out.  

Platform Updates 10.09

Our virtual meetings platform was designed to help you achieve your event goals and deliver the peace of mind needed to perform at your best. That’s why we’re thrilled to release the latest enhancements to our breakout room, networking, and sponsorship functionalities. Any users implementing programs after October 7th will have access to these updated features, too!

1:1 Networking Chat

Participants can now chat directly with other attendees in the event. Attendees can also change their accessibility to “unavailable” when they want to focus on the session without disruption. The chat window also now lists all participants by name, title, and company. Plus, this full list is searchable to ensure that attendees can connect with people they are interested in networking with in the future.

Sponsorship Information 

Attendees can now click on a sponsor logo and see more information about each sponsor, or visit a sponsor-selected URL.

Improved Analytics

Clients can now view who watched their event, when they watched it, and even gain insight into how long attendees tuned in for, too.  

If you have any questions about our newest updates, please reach out to our team or join one of our Product Open Houses.

Platform Updates 9.28

Keeping your audience engaged is our number one priority. In our latest round of updates, we made improvements to our breakout feature, guest interface, and more to ensure that your attendees enjoy the most impactful experience possible.

Event Mainstage

We’ve enhanced the analytics for the event mainstage. Now, the platform can identify who joined a keynote or town hall session, and how long they stayed.

Breakout Rooms

Analytics: Tracking and data are both available on attendees participating in breakout sessions

Live Attendee Lists: Attendees can now see a list of other session participants

Login to Event

We now support event login, which is foundational for registration and analytics, and have refined this feature with a polished design.

Add to Calendar Feature

A new “Add Event to Calendar” release allows registrants the ability to quickly save the event to their device.

Download Collateral

Brochures, worksheets, sales materials, and more can now be downloaded by attendees.


Event planners now receive a post-event analytics report.

Platform Updates 9.17

Event Site Builder

Now, every virtual event we host will live on its own customizable website. Utilize our Site Builder and choose from an assortment of templated design themes, branding options, and colors to give your site a personalized look and feel that matches your brand. Plus, you can elevate the experience even more by adding relevant content. 

Our Site Builder Includes:

  • Speaker & moderator spotlights
  • Sponsor placements that link to their sites
  • Agendas with interactive navigation, so you can tune in right from the agenda
  • Session tracking to follow a particular focus

Our Implementation Team is ready and waiting to help you bring your site to life. 

Presenter View

Presenter View is refined with a clear, branded, and professional look to enhance every speaker’s confidence. 

Speaker to Convene Virtual Meeting Producer Communication

This technology powers communication between Convene’s Command Center and virtual event presenters to ensure a successful and smooth experience.


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