Public speaking is challenging in its own right, but presenting to virtual audiences includes additional layers of complexity. Anytime you’re interacting with and managing technology, you can experience poor connectivity and glitches, among other interruptions, that can quickly disrupt your event. And when your audience is tuning in remotely, capturing and maintaining their attention becomes an even greater task. 

That’s why we consulted our team of experts to assemble an easy-to-navigate guide for virtual presenters. The tips and tricks included in our ebook will help you sharpen your presenting skills and avoid some of the common pitfalls that could impact your event. By putting this insight into practice, you can make your next presentation your best one yet. 

Our guide covers:

✔ Ways to easily elevate your virtual presentations

✔ Tips for selecting the right technology and equipment

✔ Suggestions for setting the (virtual) stage 

✔ Advice for delivering your presentation 

Every presentation is unique and comes with its own goals and challenges. But with these simple tips, you can instantly enhance your presentation skills and improve the quality of your events longterm.