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Event Technology

A Seamless Pre-Production Experience

Posted February 22, 2021 By Convene

We believe in the value of bringing people together for engaging and immersive experiences.

While virtual meetings may not replicate the on-site magic of in-person events, we know that they can be just as—if not more—effective in helping you reach your business goals. And we know that the most impressive and professional presentations begin with thoughtful pre-production.

At Convene, our team has worked tirelessly to perfect the planning process with a 75+ point checklist that helps us streamline several complicated steps into one smooth client experience. From initial concept through planning, and final execution, our sales and pre-production teams steer you toward success—and alleviate any unnecessary stress.

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To ensure prompt completion of all deliverables, it’s best to contact our team and begin pre-production at least 4 weeks before your event.

Once we are ready to get started, you’ll be introduced to our Virtual Event Manager, who serves as the main point of contact for each event. The Virtual Event Manager will host a kickoff call with you and our Technical Producers, the go-to experts for all things related to your broadcast. Afterward, they’ll send a recap to all parties involved—and this is when things really start rolling. In the days that following the kickoff call, our team will guide the planning toward key milestones, including:

  • Collecting assets and completing the Virtual Event Site to enhance the attendee’s experience
  • Finalizing the run of show
  • Hosting presenter tech checks
  • Running an internal cue-to-cue review with our technical AV team

Throughout the entire production process, our Virtual Event Managers will serve as your Project Lead and oversee its continuity. A number of pre-planned meetings will take place prior to the event with experts who will review any technical elements required. Our team will share all important deadlines with you during the kickoff call, and you can access the timeline easily with our project management software. With a clear schedule of events and user-friendly technology, our team ensures that you’re set up for success from the start.

Clients who are new to virtual formats may feel intimidated by the number of assets these digital events require. But we simplify asset collection and approval by breaking it down into the following categories, and help guide you through it:

  • Collecting assets and completing the Virtual Event Site to enhance the attendee’s experience
  • Tech checks for presenters
  • Event website assets
  • Broadcast assets
  • Run of show review & finalization
  • Host/client training on day-of tools (for Q&A, live push to talk radio)

While we always aim to meet our pre-production deadlines, we know it’s common to experience some bumps along the road—whether related to your presenters, run of show or finalizing content. With that in mind, we build a buffer into our timelines to ensure that we can adequately accommodate last-minute requests. At every stage, we do all we can to support your success.

Events can be challenging, but with our careful planning and expert assistance, yours will be as seamless as possible. We know from first-hand experience that no two events are the same. That’s why our pre-production process was created to align with your goals, and our team is there to provide personalized support, every step of the way. With Convene Studio, you’ll experience your smoothest production yet.


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