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Event Technology

Creating Connections with the Speaker Module

Posted June 16, 2021 By Convene

Your program’s speakers are critical partners for your event and your event site’s speaker module plays an important role in introducing these thought leaders to your audience.

Long before the event, Convene’s Speaker Module can be visible and allows speakers to make proper first impressions, while offering opportunities for meaningful connections between speaker and audience. We do so with a speaker module that’s designed with an added layer of human touch, typically lacking in traditional virtual settings, elevating both your audience and speaker experiences prior to, during and after your event.

Below, we’ll guide you through an overview on how to effectively set up the Speaker Module of your event site, and then show you how it impacts the attendee experience. Whether you’re a planner, attendee, or speaker, the Speaker Module is an essential tool in Convene Studio’s platform that makes your experience easy, enjoyable, and memorable.

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Speaker Module Setup

As the first step in your event planning journey, Convene will pair you with our Implementation Specialists, who will work closely with you and your team well in advance of your event. Since we know how important first impressions are, our Implementation Specialists work to ensure all speaker information is properly formatted and that your speakers are putting their best foot forward.

Next, we’ll work on formatting your Speaker Module exactly the way you want it. You can choose to have the Speaker section appear on the homepage of your event site; making it immediately available to anyone who visits your custom URL. Or, you can choose to only make it visible to registered users once they have logged in with their credentials. The speaker section is most commonly displayed below the event agenda on the events page, but it can be positioned anywhere on the page you think would help boost engagement.

Once you choose how you want to display your Speaker Module, you can decide how you want to name it. By default, the title of this part of the platform is “Meet the Speakers,” but you can change it to better suit your brand or event. Below the title, the speakers’ headshots are neatly showcased and are highlighted with your brand color when attendees hover over the different speaker headshots with their cursor.

Speakers also have the ability to provide links to all of their social media accounts, such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, among others. These links will take on the familiar icons of the various social media platforms, providing attendees with an easy way to keep up to date and stay connected.

The Guest Experience

When an attendee clicks a speaker headshot on the event page, they will be presented with a speaker modal that opens in the center of the page. The modal displays a larger version of the speaker’s headshot on the left-hand side.  On the right-hand side, the speaker’s name is displayed above their company and title information. The speaker’s bio is then displayed below their name and title, allowing your attendees to learn about the path your speakers followed that lead them to their current role. Speaker bios can also include links to external websites that will open in a new tab in the attendee’s browser, without interrupting your guests’ experience on the platform.

Next, the times, titles, and dates (in the case of a multi-day event) of that speaker’s presentations are displayed beneath their bio. This information appears both in the speaker modal as well as in the Agenda section of the platform to help attendees find the sessions they are most interested in as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On event day, guests have access to a Slido widget displayed to the right of the presentation window that allows them to connect with speakers during the live event (by asking questions and participate in polls in real time). But, the speaker section offers your guests the resources they need to make lasting connections and to stay in touch after the event (such as social profiles and URLs). Additionally, the site remains live for 30 days after the event, ensuring your guests can come back and easily retrieve information, as well as re-watch presentations they enjoyed, or catch segments they may have missed.

Final Considerations

What if a speaker can no longer attend the event? Or you added some new speakers to your program at the last minute? Or you’d like to update any elements after you’ve published? The Speaker Module of the Convene virtual platform can be customized easily and quickly by our dedicated team of Implementation Specialists to ensure only the most up-to-date and accurate information is being displayed for your attendees.

Lastly, each client receives a comprehensive analytics packet after every event, detailing how many people clicked on an individual speaker, providing insight as to which individuals your audience found most captivating, useful, and engaging.

Our Speaker Module is one of many examples of how we’ve used our years of experience in the events industry to think of every critical touch point in an event experience. We’ve taken these lessons to seamlessly integrate them onto our virtual event platform, and to bring the in-person excitement of meeting people at physical events straight to your screen. But we also know that technology cannot be the standalone component of a premier event, so we’ve put a dedicated team behind our clients to support them every step of the way. Whether you’re a planner, attendee, or speaker, you’re sure to be at your best when your on Convene’s Virtual Meetings platform.

What do you think of Convene’s Speaker Module? Do you have any comments, suggestions, or are you interested in seeing it in person? Reach out info@convene.com to book a demo and to speak with one of our Convene Experts.


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