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Elevate the Quality of Your Virtual Event With Our Pre-recording Packages

Posted August 25, 2021 By Convene

When planning your next event, you may want to consider pre-recording some of your sessions to add an additional level of control to your programming, while increasing production quality and reach for your content.

This approach can be incorporated with a live component for virtual, in-person, or hybrid events – or offered as standalone content. Here are six reasons why you might want to pre-record programming for your next virtual event.

1) Eliminate event day jitters. Pre-recording is a great way to ease the load off of nervous speakers, who may not feel completely comfortable presenting on a live screen or with virtual technology. Through this approach, your team can have the time they need with the presenter without pressure to tend to a live audience in tandem.

2) Avoid technical difficulties. No matter how much a presenter prepares, there is always a chance for something to go wrong . Whether it’s the internet going out, their child or pet interrupting, or even if they lose their train of thought. With our pre-recorded offering, they can have multiple tries to get it right.

3) Have more control. Once the content is recorded, organizers can edit the content to align with key messages, elevate production quality, and/or shorten for clarity, when needed. This also allows for content updates or edits if someone misspoke, or if content needs to be modified for any other reason.

4) Cast a wider net. In comparison to live events (in-person or virtual) where all panelists and speakers are required to be present at the same time to participate, pre-recording allows greater flexibility to work with individuals in varying time zones or with those with more challenging schedules. This casts a wider net of available speakers for organizers, while also simplifying the often complicated task of coordinating speaker schedules.

5) You’re always on time. The great thing about pre-recorded content is that it’s cut and edited to a specific time, so your event will never go over schedule. This is especially beneficial for large events with multiple speakers, who can easily exceed time limits with extra content or competing technical issues to grapple with. Your audience will appreciate the punctuality, and it will help them stay engaged for the duration of your event.

6) Elevate your production value. Pre-recorded content has the option to incorporate better graphics, titling, captions, sound, and much more in ways that are limited for live events. Planners are also able to look at the content and provide feedback and edits to get it exactly how they’d like.

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Mixing Pre-Recorded Content with Live Program Elements

While your team may want to consider pre-recording all of your upcoming events because of the reasons outlined above – but you may want to include some live engagement or Q&A at the end. One way to seamlessly achieve this is to have your panelists wear the same clothing during the pre-recorded session and a live Q&A to follow the panel. After we present your pre-recorded content, we can cut back to a live speaker to engage with the audience by opening up the floor for conversation or questions. Our team can work with the presenters to make sure their event sets up matches as closely as possible.

With You Every Step of the Way

The pre-recording process is completely guided by the Convene team and can accommodate one or many speakers. Our experts will work hand in hand with you to make sure your pre-recorded content comes out exactly the way you want it. To complete the pre-recordings, your speakers will log into an online platform with a Convene team member, who will prep and coach them through their content. There will always be someone on hand to make sure that the video, audio, and setup looks its best, and offer suggestions on how to make sure the content comes out as impactful as possible.

Pre-recording an event gives you complete control over how your content is presented and which audiences you want to reach, while often streamlining a lot of the planning and coordination that goes along with live events.  Our pre-recording solutions help you stand out from the crowd by providing engaging, high-quality content that your attendees can enjoy. Once you perfect your recording, our team will take care of the rest.

Curious to know how to make pre-recording work for you? To learn more on selecting the right package, check out this article comparing the options available for your next event.


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