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Engage Your Audience with Live Production Graphics

Posted June 17, 2021 By Convene

At Convene, we know that the details matter.

Even the smallest of details can have a significant impact on how your attendees remember your event – and those, amongst many others, are the details we carefully consider with each of our clients. To make virtual events a touch more dynamic, we’ve introduced a set of high quality, ready-to-use on-screen broadcast graphics and animated transitions to upgrade your main stage experience. With just a few clicks, your event can go from an everyday home meeting to professional television production. Below, we’ll discuss how these themes and transitions boost the overall quality of your event, and how simple it is for you to upgrade your event through Convene’s virtual platform, as well as the help of each event’s dedicated team members.

Fostering Connection through Visuals

Leveraging our high-quality production graphics can strategically capture your audience’s attention, boosting engagement through powerful visuals that supplement your speaker’s message. Rather than relying on slides or even the feed of our presenter alone, graphics offer speakers a way to complement their storytelling with an elevated on-screen presence. These visuals also allow simple ways to present complex ideas, thereby offering a tool to develop deeper connection with the content for your audience.

Mainstage Process

Personalized and Easy-to-Use

On screen graphics can often be complicated to design, create, and ultimately display for use on screen. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use library of graphics, offering a range of visuals that are easily customizable to represent your brand and keep your company and messaging consistent throughout the programming. With our unique graphics and lively animations, your event will stand out from other virtual events without the hassle of hiring additional designers and animators.

We’ve always wanted to make it as easy as possible to apply live production graphics for our clients, knowing that this would deliver a premium feel to their events. In order to make this possible, we formed a cross functional team of Technical Producers, A/V Engineers, Implementation Specialists, and Digital Product team members to create a modular system for assets that streamline the design, development and production process.

How does this work? The modular theme is made up of a series of graphic components that consists of lower thirds, tickers, social media callouts, sponsor images, animated backgrounds, animated transitions, and speaker layouts. So with this, all clients will be able to choose between Standard or Advanced Graphics as well as Portrait or Landscape layout. For the Standard Graphics option, clients are given a choice between a light or dark theme. The Advanced Graphic theme allows color customization to match your brand or event aesthetic.

Standard and Advanced Graphics

Meet Your Dream Team

You might be wondering who actually creates and implements the visuals for your event, and no worries, because your dedicated support team does all the heavy lifting for you. After you provide us with your brand colors or event color preferences, our Control Room Team will ensure that all components meet your expectations for broadcast. If your event requires a higher level of customization, you can opt for a customization upgrade as well.

As for who else is working behind-the-scenes to create your dream graphics set, your Virtual Event Manager will act as your primary point of contact and help you keep track of deadlines. There will also be an Implementation Specialist who will work with the Virtual Event Manager to configure the Event Site to your liking.

For live main stage broadcasts, your Control Room Team of three technicians will be focused on running your show. The first member of the Control Room is a Technical Producer who will be your liaison for all things related to the main stage by working hand-in-hand with the virtual event team, Technical Director and Virtual A/V Technician to translate the client’s vision into a television-style broadcast. The Second member is the Technical Director who is responsible for the technical execution of the final program. The third member is the Virtual A/V Technician who creates the final version of what the attendees see, creates all broadcast assets, and adds the finishing touches to the live stream. Your Virtual A/V Technician will prepare all production graphic themes, transitional animations, music, and apply the production themes based on the content that you provide during the live broadcast.

Interested in trying out these graphics and animations for yourself? Book a demo to chat with a team member who can walk you through the process by reaching out at info@convene.com or connecting with us on social @Convene.


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