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Event Technology

Experience the Difference: Our Virtual Control Room & Live Expert Support

Posted February 21, 2021 By Convene

The meeting and events industry has evolved in many ways over the past year, ushering in the arrival of several solutions to bring people together virtually.

But at Convene, we know that technology alone itself isn’t enough to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly. That’s why each event hosted with our platform, Convene Studio, is backed by live support from our Control Room team.

With over 10 years of experience in the meetings industry, we know firsthand how challenging events can be. And we know that when key stakeholders are involved—including sponsors and speakers—as well as a live audience, there’s no room for error. To give our clients peace of mind that their event will be both smooth and successful, we developed an innovative and solution-oriented offering that combines a best-in-class platform with an exclusive Control Room and expert support from our team of tech professionals. Guiding your production from start to finish, our team provides dedicated help before, during, and after your event, assisting planners, speakers, and attendees every step of the way. We pride ourselves in going the extra step for our clients and know that even in our virtual world, human support is key to success.

Outfitted with industry-leading hardware and software, our control rooms are designed to give your event the production quality of live T.V. and in many ways resemble a station’s studio.

Each Control Room is also set up with extra equipment for redundancies, allowing us to swiftly address any problems created by unexpected power outages, internet connectivity issues, or hardware or software crashes. The teams managing this equipment and bringing your event to life are stationed together in the Control Room for seamless support. Not only does this help keep every meeting on track, it ensures that our team is overseeing every aspect of the event experience as it unfolds. To protect the health and safety of all involved, our Control Room teams abide by our updated safety protocols and operating procedures.

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To guarantee a flawless production, we staff each of our Control Rooms with four specialists:

  • Our Technical Producer is in constant communication with the planner and the speakers throughout the event.

Helpful reference: Think of this person like a T.V. producer who keeps the production on time and preps speakers before they go on camera—calming their nerves and ensuring that they look their best.

  • Our Technical Director oversees the event’s content flow and monitors its quality, triaging any issues that might arise. They guide the rhythm of the program by “calling and switching” the live event.

Helpful reference: Responsible for calling the shots and handling technical issues behind the scenes, this role functions similarly to a T.V. show director.

  • Our Virtual AV Technician is the last team member supervising your content before the stream goes live. They elevate your attendee’s event experience by adding graphic elements to the content, layering in pre-recorded videos, and controlling the layout of everything seen on screen.
  • Our Customer Support Team Lead manages the team on the ground ensuring that your audience has a seamless experience. If any of your attendees have any trouble accessing or viewing the event, this team will provide live support to resolve their issue quickly.In addition to technical support and real-time solutions, our Control Room team elevates your event experience with professional production value. Adding lower thirds to your content feed and adjusting volume and light levels, will help your presenters look and sound their best, and our team has the tools to do just that. The result? A polished video stream that resembles live television. This effect can’t be replicated by most self-service meeting platforms, but our team has the technology and expertise to truly impress your audience.

    Today’s planners are navigating a series of challenges when planning virtual events—all while balancing the expectations of key stakeholders. That’s why we’ve designed an offering that goes beyond technology to include live, hands-on support. With our experts managing your event from our best-in-class Control Room, you can rest assured that your next production will be smooth and successful—and your audience will leave impressed.


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