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Event Technology

Meet Convene’s Virtual Event Team

Posted June 16, 2021 By Convene

If you’ve planned a virtual event recently, you know that it takes a village to execute a successful gathering remotely.

While many of the commonly known elements of virtual events can be translated elegantly onto a webpage, it takes a certain level of expertise to pull all of the pieces together, and elevate the attendee experience beyond expectation – especially when it comes to production and broadcast details.

With Convene studio, we provide a dedicated Control Room and team of experts for every event to help planners create immersive, TV-like broadcast experiences for your audiences, so planners don’t have to stress about becoming tech experts overnight, or have to find one to support them for the event. Convene’s virtual event team is deeply involved in every element from start to finish, making the largest or the smallest details in your planning experience as seamless as possible.

What is a control room, and what is the benefit of having one?

The Control Room is a central, physical location where we process all of the remote presenters’ audio and video content. There, we clean up the material, combine it with relevant content and visuals, add graphics, and then broadcast it to the audience.

Having a dedicated control room to package and broadcast an event is what sets virtual events apart from standard video conferences. There’s an extra layer of production that only high-end technology and properly trained professionals can provide, and it’s what takes your virtual events from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re interested in learning more about our state-of-the-art control rooms, check out our article here.

Meet the members of the Control Room team and see what they do

There are three primary team members with a Convene Control Room Team: Technical Producer, Technical Director, and Virtual AV Technician.

  • Technical Producers are the primary liaison between the Control Room Team, the client, and the speakers during an event. They are your point person for all things related to the Main Stage content and Run of Show, working in close collaboration with the other control room team members to deliver your vision as a premium broadcast to the audience. Our Technical Producers are highly organized, have technical comprehension and robust understanding of events in both physical and digital spaces, and are always there when you need them.
  • Technical Directors are like the Control Room air traffic controllers, or conductors of a symphony. Prior to event day, they translate the client’s agenda into a detailed Run of Show that lists every cue the team will need to execute in the control room, while also managing quality checks throughout. On the day of the event, the Technical Director will be calling out cues or instructions to the rest of the team and is ultimately responsible for the technical execution of the Main Stage broadcast.
  • Virtual AV Technicians add the finishing touches to a virtual or hybrid event. If you think about the Control Room as an assembly line, their station is the last step of the process. AV Technicians create and implement all of the graphic elements that help engage your audience such as lower thirds, tickers, and social integrations. They also manage the integration of presentations elements and pre-recorded media before packaging everything up for distribution to the audience. During the event, the VAVT will be taking their cues from the Technical Director. They’re the last stop that checks the livestream before it leaves the control room and hits the platform in front of your audiences.

Having AV experts manage your broadcast from a dedicated control room mitigates a lot of risk (and stress) for our clients, and increases the production value of an event from that of a video conference to a TV show.

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What support can I expect beyond the control room during the planning process?

The Virtual Event Manager is the client’s primary point of contact throughout the planning, execution, and post-production of an event, and is in charge of keeping everyone organized and on-schedule. They also partner with the Technical Producer to ensure the Control Room Team is fully briefed on an event’s technical components so everyone is up to speed.

We didn’t forget about support for your attendees as well. The Customer Support Team is on the front lines during event day, and prior to an events. The goal is to ensure that they’re providing the attendees with the best event-day experience possible. During the event, they’ll moderate the live chat function to ensure event attendees can successfully access and view the event, while also escalating real-time issues directly to Engineering when necessary. Lastly, they also supervise breakout rooms and support moderators during live events, so there’s always someone ready and available to help with any issues that may arise.

Convene has taken 12 years of industry experience to perfect every element of an event, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. That’s why we’ve created a support team, where each member’s unique set of skills and expertise work to make sure you can have a premium event unlike any other. A team of this caliber takes away the string of “what-if’s” from the event planning process, and planners can rest easy knowing that our entire team is here to support you every step of the way.


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