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Onsite Pre-recording for Hybrid Events

Posted January 3, 2022 By Convene

Planning a hybrid event involves layers of physical and virtual components, all of which need to be strategically executed in order for your event to run smoothly.

With any event, even the best run-of-show does not guarantee a seamless live experience. To mitigate these risks, Convene offers planners the opportunity to pre-record content at one of our locations as a way to add an extra element of control to your event’s programming.

Not only do pre-recordings allow speakers to comfortably record their sessions onsite at a time that works best for them, removing event day jitters gives them the opportunity to focus on perfecting the parts of their sessions that matter most to them. When produced at one of Convene’s award-winning event spaces with our onsite team, pre-recordings can make the hybrid event experience feel more smoothly executed and save precious time and resources for both event planners and speakers. Pre-recorded content will still feel live and engaging when broadcasted, but includes an added benefit of professionally edited content that boosts your event’s production value. Here’s a look at how Convene Pre-Record works, and what’s included in our packages:

How Do Convene’s Hybrid Pre-Recordings Work?

We’ve designed our Pre-recording Packages to be as simple and easy as possible. Once booked, guest speakers can visit one of Convene’s 23 locations to record their content, with most recordings being completed within a single afternoon. For those who can’t make it to a Convene location, or prefer to record from home, we are able to stream remote speakers into the recording.

Our dedicated team will coordinate and set up all the recording equipment, which comprises of high-definition cameras and microphones to make sure that the speaker looks and feels their best so that they can have a successful recording session. Then, we will guide your speakers through their lines from start to finish. Once the recording is complete, we will then take care of the editing process to ensure that your content comes out exactly the way you want it.

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What’s Included in Convene’s Pre-Record Package?

Basic Pre-Recording Package

Our basic offering allows for up to two guest speakers to come into one of our spaces to record for a half day. This package includes:

  • Access to cameras, lighting, and confidence monitors
  • Options to look at a script, teleprompter, or slides
  • A team of production experts who will assist you in nailing your perfect recording. A member of our team will be there every step of the way from ensuring the space is well lit to guiding your speaker through the recording.
  • Uninterrupted quality content that is streamed directly to Convene’s network as well as to the speaker’s computer
  • One round of feedback, editing, and revision services of the recording which include removing gaps and mistakes. Edited files will be sent 48 hours after the day of the recording.

Advanced Pre-Recording Package

Our upgraded pre-recording package, which is tailored for larger events with multiple speakers, allows for remote speakers to record their sessions along with in-person presenters. This package features all the same benefits from the base offering, with additional editing and post-production services such as adding lower thirds, speaker titles, and graphics.

Note that for both of the packages, we require that recordings be scheduled two weeks in advance from the date of the event to ensure an appropriate turnaround time.

Pre-recordings have become an essential tool that help take the complexity out of live events ahead of time. Not only do they guarantee that your event can stay on schedule, which attendees appreciate, it adds overall production quality to your event that will leave your guests with a more impactful experience. If you’re interested in learning more about Convene’s pre-recording packages, contact us at info@convene.com or visit studio.convene.com



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