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Picking the Right Pre-Recorded Event Package For Your Next Event

Posted August 25, 2021 By Convene

When it comes to creating a truly seamless high quality virtual or hybrid event, pre-recording your presenters is a great place to start.

It not only allows your presenter to a low-stress environment to get the presentation right in as many tries as they need, but it gives an additional opportunity for our team to review, edit and input any additional production graphics into the video just the way you’d like. If you’re new to pre-recording content and need a quick crash course on why you should consider pre-recording, start by reading our article on Pre-Recorded Events here.

For this piece, we’ll be focusing more on making sure you pick the pre-recording package that is right for your event. Convene has two types of options to ensure that your next event is thoroughly set up for success. Whether your event is virtual or hybrid, intimate or large, our packages are thoughtfully executed by a team of Convene experts so you get the content you’re looking for. Once you pick a package from below, we’ll take care of the shooting, editing, and everything else in between.

Take a closer look at our pre-recording packages, to see which features will best serve your upcoming event:

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Basic Pre-Recording Package

Our basic package is best suited for smaller events that feature 1-2 speakers. Each basic package comes with one dedicated Recording Technician, who uses web-based software to pre-record your content. With this package you’ll get access to:

  • The Recording Technician will make sure that the speaker is comfortable, well-placed, well-lit, and prepared to present before recording.
  • That same Recording Technician will guide your speaker through set-up, recording and can start, stop, or restart the recording at your speaker’s leisure.
  • The speaker can change windows to look at a script, teleprompter, or slides without affecting the recording.
  • In the case that internet connection issues may arise, the recording is streamed directly to Convene as well as saved locally on the speaker’s computer, so the final output is always high quality and uninterrupted.

Once we finish the recording, the complete file is uploaded, which takes 1-2 minutes depending on the internet speed. Then we complete the editing process.

  • Convene will remove any long gaps and any noted mistakes upon request.
  • The speaker will provide verbal cues for slide changes prior to editing, and this can be emailed to the Convene team or discussed on the recording call. Slides can be edited into the content afterwards.
  • To ensure there is enough time for editing, we require the recording to take place at least 1 week prior to your event.
  • You will receive the edited file 48 hours after the day of the recording. If graphic content is ready, this edit will include speaker titles. If not, they can be added in during the live event.
  • The basic package includes 1 round of feedback, edit and revisions..

Advanced Package

The advanced package is ideal for larger events with multiple speakers, which may have intricate run-of-shows and require a full staff on hand. With a full control room team at your finger tips, think of this package as a mini version of your event recorded in advance.

Just like the basic package, we start with recording. In addition to everything that the basic package offers, the advanced recording session can accommodate up to 8 simultaneous virtual speakers using the Convene green room experience. Instead of a one-week recording deadline before event day, we can host recording calls 5 days before your event. If you choose to forego editing, this can be as late as 2 days before your event.

For the editing process, advanced package editing includes lower thirds, speaker titles, and graphics all cut live onto the recording, so speakers can get a sense of the final content before their event.

Virtual and hybrid events have become a hugely beneficial asset for companies as the world continues to meet and operate remotely, and pre-recording content has become a great way to ensure that events run as smoothly as possible. Not only does pre-recording help you perfect your content before your event, but it can elevate your user experience with superior production quality and seamless execution.

Are you interested in learning more about pre-recording? Email us to book a demo or to speak with a Convene expert.


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