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Event Technology

The Presenters Experience: Re-creating a Green Room, Virtually.

Posted April 23, 2021 By Convene

Event and meeting planners tirelessly obsess over the details that transform gatherings into experiences.

Whether it’s carefully choosing the topics that will resonate, bringing in relevant thought leaders and partners as speakers, or making sure every detail goes to plan when the event is live – it is both an art and a science to orchestrate these elements into a cohesive and memorable moment. The thoughtful approach and small details ultimately bring your event to life.

In today’s virtual world, how presenters experience your event is an essential consideration to keep in mind, calling for some sophistication beyond providing attendees and speakers a shared link to log into at the same time. At Convene, we believe the green room is an important community tool that serves both presenters and organizers alike, and contributes to the overall quality of the production. Because of this, we’ve built a robust green room feature into the core of our virtual meetings platform. This feature offers a “get-ready” space where presenters can login, become acquainted with each other and the technology, ask last minute questions or rehearse, and ultimately set the stage before being formally introduced and pushed into a live event to be attendee-facing. The portal they have access to then serves as a “presenter view,” which continues to support them during their event. Let’s dive more into the presenter’s experience and the features they enjoy on our platform.

product presenter view waiting 1

A Friendly Welcome

When presenters first join their event through the Convene’s “presenter view,” they enter our virtual green room, which is brandable and adds a special professional touch to the behind-the-scenes experience. From this portal, presenters are able to hear and see each event’s dedicated technical producer, as well as other presenters on the panel. This producer configures each presenter’s audio and video to ensure they look and sound their best, without having to troubleshoot in front of a live audience.  Similar to traditional green rooms, this space serves to build community, exchange information, and provide a calm and easy environment before the speakers are formally introduced to the attendees.

An Elevated First Impression

Without the green room, in traditional video conferencing, presenters and attendees log into a call at the same time, and the event begins informally before the presentation begins. With a green room, presenters and organizers have control over when to “join” the attendees – with the ability to  take care of  potential technical troubleshooting, until all participants have joined the call, or even until there seems to be a quorum in the audience count. This formal introduction elevates the overall production quality of the event for both presenters and those in attendance, while providing more control to the organizers for when and how they begin. Additionally, when a presenter goes live, their status changes in the presenter view  to “On Air,” to clearly distinguish when they are being broadcasted to the audience, while additionally blocking on air distractions, so the presenter can have optimal focus during their session.

Dedicated Production Team

Prior to going live, and throughout their entire presentation, each speaker enjoys access to our dedicated virtual meeting and technical production team, which works to handle all of the heavy lifting during the event. In this way, presenters can focus on delivering their content, while their technical producers control elements such as the speaker’s timer and the speaker’s “confidence view” (slides, speaker notes, engagement tools, on screen animations, etc.) and any other content they may be showing.

Virtual Command Center

Nothing screams “distracting” like a technical glitch during a virtual event, whether it’s losing audio, video, or internet connection. Once live, technical producers work diligently in the background with dedicated virtual control room members to implement redundancies to support seamless troubleshooting, and not take away from the presenter’s time.

Dedicated Space for Connection

Convene’s Green Room is a great opportunity for any last-minute prep and practice for presenters before they go live, and a place to decompress once the session is over. Similar to traditional green rooms, this feature serves as a safe space for peace, quiet, and a deep breath – while also offering a method for presenters to network and connect with their fellow presenters and organizers, both before and after the event.

The shift from physical to virtual events has provided us the opportunity to re-imagine how we gather virtually, and expand on our commitment to best-in-class hospitality, whether that is for in-person or virtual experiences. At Convene, we used this opportunity to build an unparalleled virtual event experience through the Convene Studio platform. The green room is our people-first touch, aimed to provide each speaker the attention and resources they deserve, from a dedicated technical team, just as they would in physical events. By integrating our company’s passion for hospitality and this human touch into each event, we power high quality events that are both memorable and enjoyable, as they should be.


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