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Using A Moderator To Ensure Successful Breakout Rooms

Posted August 25, 2021 By Convene

Picture this. You’ve just nailed your keynote presentation and attendees are now invited to join your breakout session.

You’re excited to maintain the momentum and looking forward to engaging with your audience on a more personal level. As you work to kick things off, you quickly realize how many items require your attention aside from hosting: the session slides aren’t loading, your mic isn’t working, and as you troubleshoot – you realize there are unmuted participants with background noises, quickly hijacking your session.

This is a scenario that is commonplace among virtual events, and one that even the best planners have experienced. When it comes to virtual events, many planners put most of their focus on the mainstage  and often don’t think as much on the smaller more conversational experiences in their breakouts. Oftentimes, regardless of  how well you plan, a breakout session can become unruly without dedicated resources to oversee and troubleshoot production details. That’s why with Convene Studio, we offer expert support to coordinate all technical components of these breakouts, so that speakers and attendees can focus on their session and engagement with one another, instead of unforeseen difficulties.

Not only does our team work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that your breakouts run smoothly, but they’re also essential for encouraging healthy engagement amongst attendees. Below, we’ll take a closer look at Convene Studio’s breakout rooms and how our support team works to keep your breakouts on track.

Convene Studio’s Breakout Rooms

We’ve designed our Studio breakout rooms to be as user-friendly as possible for organizers and attendees alike. You’ll find your breakout sessions easily in the agenda of your event page, along with session details and instructions on how to log on. After you’ve joined via web browser or mobile phone, you can adjust your video and audio settings, as well as choose between grid view and active speaker view. You’ll find a chat feature on the bottom that allows you to message other attendees, and you can also screen share presentations or pre-recorded videos at the click of a button. For more information on our breakout room functionality, click here.

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How Moderators Facilitate Breakout Sessions

Because breakout sessions are generally intended to provide an informal or conversational component to a larger event, it’s easy to overlook or under plan for these portions of the program. However, these high-engagement sessions can also be easier to derail without dedicated support. This is where our team steps in our moderators are available to make sure your session runs seamlessly across the board. Here’s how:

  • Keep you on schedule: Convene technicians help manage your run of show to ensure that presenters are on time, even when the mainstage event runs over. They work with organizers to plan the specifics of the session and stick to the set agenda.
  • Streamline all tech: Convene production support works to ensure all audio and video elements are functioning correctly. They can help with mute attendees when needed, and can help troubleshoot technical glitches that arise throughout the session.
  •  Moderate discussion: Breakouts often run the risk of being too quiet or too lively, so the moderator serves to strike a balance between these extremes, while keeping the conversation on target. When it comes time for Q&As, moderators can help ensure that everyone gets to participate, and can help queue up the next question while panelists address the audience.
  • Archive your session: Our team can also record your breakout, so the material can be rewatched for training or promotion, long after the event is over. Organizers can work with moderators to ensure the session is recorded in gallery or speaker view, that certain speakers are highlighted (or omitted), and that other time limits and considerations are incorporated as needed to meet company objectives.

We’ve hosted hundreds of virtual events over the past 18 months and have seen firsthand how essential moderators are for ensuring successful breakouts. With our team of highly skilled technicians working with you every step of the way, speakers and attendees can rest assured knowing that they can engage in their breakouts productively and distraction-free.

To learn more about Convene’s Studio breakout rooms or to book a demo with our team, head over to studio.convene.com


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