After 10 years with the company, Joyce Bromberg, the company’s Chief Design Officer, is resigning. Joyce was responsible for conducting the human-centered research that informed the overall design of the company’s spaces and customer experience. 

Credited with being the company’s “third cofounder,” Joyce was the first designer and strategist to join the Convene team shortly after it was founded in 2009. She came out of retirement to join the Convene team and eventually lead a team of designers and researchers who are credited with designing Convene’s locations and developing the company’s workplace strategy. 

When Joyce joined Convene, the company had one location in New York City. With Joyce’s design strategy as the blueprint, Convene eventually grew to 32 locations across six cities. She implemented the human-centered research that influenced the creation of Convene’s WorkPlace product over two years ago. She also conducted ongoing research that influenced the evolution and improvement of the company’s Meetings product. 

Joyce has described her time at Convene as “the best part of my career and truly a privilege for me to help design great spaces, create strategies, and to allow work to be about love.”

“We are beyond grateful for Joyce’s countless contributions to Convene’s business, our product and process improvement, and always being a carrier of our GRIT values and our culture. We wish her the best for the future,” said Ryan Simonetti, CEO and cofounder of Convene.