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A Platform that Caters to the Planner, Presenter & Attendee

Posted February 24, 2021 By Convene

So, you’ve been tasked with planning a virtual event for your company, but you don’t know what platform features are required to produce a good show. The truth is, you’re not alone.

Our recent Zoom boom has sparked an overwhelming number of virtual platforms—many of which include features that don’t add value to your attendee’s experience. And after months of working remotely, platform fatigue is at an all-time high. That’s why our approach to this new normal was streamlined to one simple goal: to provide our clients with a sleek, professional looking virtual platform that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Enter: Convene Studio.

When we designed our platform, we focused on three essential virtual event roles: the planner, presenter, and attendee. By grounding our development in the user’s experience, we knew we could create a truly premium product. At every stage of production, we considered the people interacting with our technology—how our tools can enhance their presentation, reduce stress along the way, and ultimately, set them up for success. We know that each of these roles—the planner, presenter and attendee—is focused on different things during the event, but their synergy is what makes a production truly unforgettable.


With over a decade of experience in the event industry, we knew it could feel intimidating for an event planner to pivot a tried-and-true physical event to a virtual platform.

To help alleviate any concerns, we elevated our pre-production process to ensure that they felt supported every step of the way—from post-sale contract to post-event. This includes hands on, dedicated project management that begins at least four weeks before the event to clearly outline all milestones, assets needed ahead of production, and what to expect at each stage of production.

For the presenter, we had to ensure that our production team was equipped to work with both seasoned, ‘conference circuit’ personalities and first-timers who may need some extra guidance. From positioning presenters in the right lighting so the sun won’t impact how they appear on screen, to being firm on banning Bluetooth headsets based on their connectivity issues, our producers and directors keep the virtual greenroom cool and ensure that the livestream looks polished and professional.

Last but certainly not least, when creating our platform, we considered the needs and perspective of the attendee. We focused our efforts on creating a seamless and impressive experience for the audience—one that would give them easy access to every tool and feature they needed during the event, and that would also boost engagement. Every decision we made along the way was centered on enhancing their experience and avoiding platform fatigue. We know there are a few things that are truly essential to achieve just that:

  1. Expedited platform access

We have multiple ways of authenticating users and work with the planner to choose the right one.

  1. An accessible, easy-to-find video player

Our event site sends the attendee straight to the video player, which auto plays, so they won’t have any issues on event day.

  1. Live attendee and presenter support

Self-service doesn’t show up anywhere in our value props because we know that virtual events aren’t a one-man show. Our live chat agents are internal employees who are well versed in our technology stack and ready to offer real-time assistance

  1. Audience entertainment and engagement

A five-hour panel isn’t great for anyone. Pepper in breaks, schedule short breakout sessions or discussions, and make it easy to come back together on the main stage. Our agenda will also help keep attendees informed about what’s happening live and what’s coming up next.

  1. A well-timed run of show

Instead of one full workday spent on a single event, try segmenting your message into a multi-day series of 2-4 hour sessions. We can help craft your run of show to include smooth transitions, ample breaks, and a clear flow. Our event managers and producers have seen it all—and know what not to do.

As a planner, you might be wondering about the flashy features you’ve demoed on other companies’ platforms. At Convene, we know that our premium technology provides an unbeatable experience, but ultimately, clients continue booking with us because of the additional human support they receive—in addition to the stability and sleek design of our platform. This combination of best-in-class tech and dedicated support is truly unique to Convene, and it will help ensure that your next event is both smooth and successful.


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