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Building Your Brand with a Customized Virtual Event Site

Posted February 24, 2021 By Convene

We know first impressions are critical to virtual success. That’s why our customizable Virtual Event Sites serve as the gateway to your event, and ultimately your brand.

Hosted within our virtual platform on a unique URL—meaning no confusing software downloads are required —these branded sites are designed to impress. Showcasing your brand, meeting topic, agenda, speakers, and sponsors in one modern, single page layout, they offer attendees easy access to everything related to your production. With an assortment of customizable features, they can accommodate a range of events.

These branded event sites function throughout the lifespan of your event. Prior to the big day, your attendees can use it to register for your event, browse speaker and sponsor profiles, and review the event agenda. On the day of your event, they will get access to the main stage and the agenda sessions will activate, providing access to the event’s content, live Convene support, and the ability to network with attendees, all within the same URL. The site can also remain live after the event so you can host a recording of the live production and attendees can return to review this content.


Our site format is designed to accommodate your brand as well as featured sponsors.

It’s made to be modular, meaning you can adjust what the user sees and where they see it. Modules like agenda, speaker, sponsor, and collateral can be hidden or highlighted based on your preference.

The creation of your Virtual Event Site is a guided process with the Implementation Team during our pre-production phase. It all starts with our client kick off call, which takes place to launch the planning and design of your virtual event. As a part of our pre-production process, we also give our clients an Event Style Guide, which details how to get the best most of your Virtual Event Site.

To build the first draft of your event site, our Implementation Specialists gather your assets and adjust the main navigation bar’s colors, buttons, background hero image and logos to match the event or your company’s aesthetic. We share this draft with you in a review call which serves as a live working session, allowing us to make real time changes based on your feedback. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the event website, we lock in any outstanding changes so you can focus on finalizing the run of show and agenda.

With attendee engagement and attention valued at an all time high, we understand how important it is to get the first impression right. That’s why we’ve designed a premium event landing page that provides you with the flexibility to truly reflect your brand. Want to learn more about the customizable elements of our event landing pages? Book a demo with one of our virtual event experts for a full tour.


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