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How Livestream Makes Work and Play Accessible to New Audiences

Posted October 17, 2017 By Jillian Richardson

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It’s every event producer’s dream: All tickets are sold out, and there’s still a line of hopefuls that wraps around the block. Twice.

With Livestream, that type of audience and collaboration opportunity is always possible. Except the line doesn’t just have a few hundred people – it often has a few thousand.

When you want to reach a larger audience, there really isn’t an easier way to get directly in front of people with your message than with livestreaming. Livestream is helping companies broadcast live events – from concerts to conferences and everything in-between. To understand how they seamlessly bring together thousands of people together to work, create and innovate, we chatted with Amber van Moessner, the company’s Director of Content Marketing. Here’s what we learned.


Convene: Livestream’s name sort of explains it all. But what does the company do besides let viewers ‘livestream’ their events?

Amber van Moessner: Livestream not only gives its users the tools to stream, but also the ability to capture and measure the success of their events. We offer unique services that help our customers succeed, whether that’s training, support, or the actual event production itself.


Can you provide an example of one of your events that brought people together to collaborate in a cool, unique way?

We actually partnered on an event with Convene, called The Event of the Future. This was really great because we had about 120 people attend in person, and also over 20,000 watching live online.

In-between each of our speakers, we provided interactive prompts to get attendees in the audience in discussion with each other. During those in-person conversations, we pulled the speaker offstage and let them take questions live from the online audience.

It was really exciting because although everyone online and offline was ‘watching’ the same presentation, the online viewers were incentivized further with exclusive access to the speakers through a private Q&A. It was a really powerful way to connect with the audience while increasing brand reach.


What are some of the advantages to livestreaming an event versus keeping it in-person only?

It sounds obvious, but every event has a capacity. If you want your brand or your message to be able to reach more people, livestreaming is really the only way to do it.

From a marketing standpoint, streaming teaches you about your audience. For example, Livestream does a webinar series twice a month. We can grow our database tremendously with the information we collect during the webinar; that data helps us fill our pipeline later.

Streaming is a great way familiarize people with your brand. We found that people are 67 percent more likely to buy a ticket to a conference or event after they’ve watched it live online. So for someone who isn’t super familiar with your brand, but might be interested in some of the topics being held at the conference, it’s a great way for them to “try before they buy.”


What’s one of your favorite ways that one of your clients has used Livestream?

The best example is Lady Gaga’s dive bar tour with Bud Light and Wieden+Kennedy. They wanted to do these events to promote Lady Gaga’s new album and hype up her Superbowl performance. So they promoted a tour where Lady Gaga was going to appear randomly at three dive bars anywhere in the country. Of course, not everyone can be there, and she has fans that want to be part of the moment. So we streamed each of these performances to Facebook Live and the Bud Light website. The fan engagement was incredible. They had nearly six million live views across these three events!


This interview was edited for brevity and clarity. Images courtesy of Livestream.


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