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From Challenge to Opportunity: Our Team of Experts Reflect on Convene’s Recent Transformation and the Future of Hybrid Events

Posted May 17, 2021 By Convene

The past year flipped the world of meetings and events on its head, pushing us at Convene to be savvier and more innovative than ever before. From navigating fully virtual spaces to launching new products at lightning speed, to even shifting our internal teams into completely new roles and departments, we’ve emerged with major breakthroughs we believe will impact the meetings and events space for years to come. 

Below, experts from various departments at Convene discuss their efforts to pioneer a modern era of Hybrid events, creating best-in-class solutions for a variety of virtual and in-person combinations. You’ll see the faces powering Convene’s portfolio of products and services, and hear firsthand how our talented team members radically changed our company infrastructure to bring Convene’s latest vision to life.

Innovation Evolving the Way People Work and Meet

Convene was born after the 2008 financial crisis. It was quite literally a company created from very challenging times. Our products are an example of the innovation that can come out of pressure, hardship, and forced change. This past year has pushed us to learn how to deliver our signature hospitality and event services virtually and to subsequently evolve this for a flexible and hybrid world, as we continue to evolve and push our thinking on bringing value and innovation to all products, as well as new ones.

In Customer Operations, our job is to make an attendee, member, or client feel lifted in an exchange, whether that’s making sure the person knows there’s a human on the other side of a chat rather than a bot, or finding ways to surprise and delight during in-person or virtual events. I’m excited to be part of a company whose DNA is rooted in innovation, and to have that spirit guide us yet again, as we evolve the way people work and meet. The hybrid launch was always inevitable for Convene. The past years events have just accelerated the timeline.”

Kevin Huang, Senior Director of Customer Operations

Meeting Our Customer’s Changing Needs

“Convene’s hybrid events platform came from connecting the dots across the business so that we could work quickly and effectively during the pandemic to meet our community’s needs, and we couldn’t have done that without challenging our old ways of doing things. Through this new lens, we’re able to reimagine how we package services across digital, space, food, and the in between. We also must understand how buildings get built and the design technology that is involved in the process to support the hybrid world we’re shifting towards. With Convene’s brand being so strong on the physical side it excites me to see our technology meet that high bar. It also excites me to learn and adapt to what our customers need in the changing world that we are in with the launch of Convene Studio.”

Caroline England, Head of Product

Delivering a Clear Vision for How We Meet

“As the world changes, our priorities and responsibilities change drastically as well. So we adjust. In today’s world, teams need more innovative and tech-driven solutions to meet and work. With nine months under our belt, we’re excited to bring our clients the technology and spaces they need to thrive.

As Head of Virtual Delivery Operations, this means I lead that team  helps shepherd meeting planners and companies into understand livestreaming, production value, and how to engage with a virtual audience and remote workforce. Convene was already on the edge of innovation by dusting off an outdated industry that held meetings in the basements of hotels. Now we are bringing that fresh look to hybrid meetings – an event format that we firmly believe is the future of the workplace.”

Lizzie Suiter, Head of Virtual Delivery Operations

Creating Seamless and Integrated Experiences

“My team and I are setting the technological requirements, hardware, and systems required to execute hybrid events. We work closely with our product and software engineering team to create a seamless product delivery and experience for our customers. Being part of Convene allows us a unique advantage to integrate the virtual space and physical space into a singular seamless experience, which is a massive differentiator for Convene and helps us set the industry standard in creating secure and integrated hybrid event experiences.”

Michael Judeh, Senior Director AV Technology

Expanding Client Reach with Hybrid Capabilities

“Because virtual and hybrid events are still new to many event planners, our goal is to guide them through the process and make their experience as seamless as possible. Over the last few months, I’ve been focused on improving the workflows and systems we use to support our clients throughout the planning process. We will always have the need to gather in-person, but hybrid will allow our clients to expand their reach in a way they’ve never done before. I love seeing the real-world impact on our clients’ ROI firsthand.”

Amanda Grimmett, Senior Virtual Event Manager

For over a decade, Convene has proudly placed innovation and hospitality at the core of our business, improving our products year after year so our partners can have the best events experience possible. This past year pushed us to be savvier and innovative, than ever before, and we’ve emerged with major breakthroughs we believe will make an impact for many years to come. Our seasoned Convene team has worked hand in hand with event planners to execute events over this decade, and with Hybrid bundles, Convene will continue to have you covered in whatever format your team needs.

To learn more about our products or to book a demo, reach out to our team. We look forward to staying in touch.


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