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Customizing Your Virtual Event Site

Posted April 23, 2021 By Convene

At Convene, we know firsthand how important it is to make a powerful first impression on your event attendees from the moment they enter your event.

Ensuring your event site reflects your brand’s look and feel helps in building trust with your audience, elevates the event’s overall production quality, and offers an opportunity to expand your brand’s visibility and messaging through each touch point.

That’s why we like to think of our virtual event site as your virtual venue, and with our flexible landing pages and customizable platform, your brand can stay center stage and top of mind.

When building an event landing page on Convene’s Virtual Events, you’ll work hand-in-hand with one of our Implementation Specialists, who can simplify the development process, help you achieve the right look and feel for your event, and recommend best practices to maximize landing page features. Whether you’re a first-time planner looking for suggestions or a seasoned creative producer who knows exactly what you want, Convene can help in every step of the way, powering a premium landing page designed to look and function in a way that’s sure to deliver impact with your audience.

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of what options you have to tailor your Convene virtual event site:

Universal Event Site Elements


Each event site comes with many elements to customize to represent your brand in the details.

  • Event URL: Each event’s URL format features the brand front and center: https://YOUREVENTHERE.convene.com.Pro tip: You can choose any title you like, but we recommend something concise and memorable that’s relevant to your company or event. For example, https://aac.convene.com is more user-friendly than https://annualarchitectureconference.convene.com
  • Reflect Your Brand, Customize Your Event Colors: If every component of your event is intentional,  why not carry that thoughtfulness to your event site by incorporating your company colors? Here are the elements which can be updated on your event site to match your brand identity:

o   Main Navigation Bar Color

o   Main Navigation Hover Color

o   Main Navigation Text Color (Black or White)

o   Button Color

o   Button Hover Color

o   Footer Color

Pro Tip: While you can customize one, or none of these elements – picking one color palette for each detail will ensure a cohesive look and feel for your upcoming event. 

  • No Detail Is Spared:
    • Logo and Favicon: Beyond color, you can add your company logo to the header and footer of your event site and customize your site’s favicon, as well. This detail really makes the site your own, while ensuring attendees can easily find your event site within their sea of browser tabs, history, or in their bookmarks bar.
    •  Footer: Carry this personal touch all the way to the bottom of your event site.

■ Company Description: Provide a short boilerplate description of your company.

■ Copyright Information: Ensure your company is protected by including copyright information.

■ External Links: Share resources, promote future events, and provide opportunities to connect. You can add up to four columns of external links.

■ Social Links: Make it easy to connect on social media through a single click.


Optimizing User Journey

Home Tab - Logged Out

Beyond customizing the event’s visual look and feel, each event site offers ways to guide the user through the agenda, while highlighting various components of the event.

  • Home Base: The home tab can operate as your event’s unique splash page. This is the first place attendees land on when they visit your event site. In addition to a photo, the header features a customizable title, description and eyebrow text. These elements allow your attendees to know that they’re in the right place, while providing a brief overview of what your event is about.

Pro tip: Choose a header image that is representative of your company or event branding. And to ensure readability for the title, description, and eyebrow text, use a photo with no text on the left side.  

  • Login & Registration Tabs: Like the Home tab, you can change the header image, title, description, and eyebrow text on the Login and Registration tabs. You have the option to reuse the header image from the Home tab or submit something new. We find that patterned images or solid colors with no text work best here.

Pro tip: This image is responsive, meaning it will resize but will not stay centered if the screen size is larger or smaller than the standard 13″ screen. You can reuse the text from the home tab or submit text that is Login/Registration specific. We recommend: “Having trouble accessing the event? Click the chat icon to the left for assistance.”

Additionally, to ensure consistency, the “login” and “registration” tabs are linked, select assets that works for both pages.

  • Let the Show Begin: Once your attendees have logged in, they will automatically be directed to the Event Tab to view your event broadcast and engage with your event’s content modules. Make each interaction a reflection of your event’s themes, colors, or company brand.
    • Tab Name: You can name this tab whatever you like to fit the feel of your event. Some of our favorite options are: “Mainstage, Live Conference, Presentation, Event, and Stage.”
    • Q&A and Polling: This feature is located to the mainstage broadcast right and allows your attendees to interact with the presenter and their fellow attendees in real-time.
  • Content Modules: Mix & match! Choose the modules that make sense for your program and set the order they appear on your site.

○ Agenda

○ Speakers

○ Sponsors

○ Collateral


Your Content, Your Way


At Convene, we recognize that each event’s program will have a unique set of needs. Because of this, each organizer has the ability to choose which content modules they’d like to incorporate, with a number of modification options within each module.

  • Your Run of Show & Agenda Module: What’s on the itinerary for your event? Build your program seamlessly with a variety of functions:
    • Date Filter: Add a date filter for multi-day events so your attendees can easily navigate from one day to the next.
    • Track Filter: The track filter allows attendees to view sessions by theme and customize their event experience.
  • Agenda Card Description: Choose the long or short template, depending on the amount of information you need to share.
  • Agenda Card Images: Choose whether you’d like the main image on the agenda card to be a single speaker’s headshot, a rotation of multiple speakers, a sponsor logo, or an illustration.

Pro Tip: If you choose a logo or illustration for the main image, we can add your speaker headshots below the event description. Headshots placed below the description are linkable to the speaker’s bio.

Highlighting Speakers: You’ve secured speakers you’re proud of, and programming that will be a hit. Customize how you introduce the presenters to reflect your excitement.


○ Module Title: The module title defaults to “Meet the Speakers,” but you are welcome to switch it up.

○ Speaker Modal: Provide your speakers’ headshot, bio, and social media links and we’ll build out a custom modal for each of them.

  • Highlighting Sponsors: Your partners make brilliant things possible and add another dimension to your events.


○ Module Title: Whether you’d like to highlight sponsorship tiers or simply say “Thank you to our sponsors,” this text is adjustable.

○ Sponsor Modals: Drive value for your sponsors with a dedicated modal for each of them.

■ Sponsors can choose to use their logo for the Modal header or provide an image

■ There is no character limit for the company description

■ Add up to three external links

■ Our optional “Get in Touch” section provides contact information for one representative and a direct link to that individual’s event chat

  • Collateral Module: Finally, you have the option to provide collateral for attendee download. Files can be zipped together to create a folder (ex. if a sponsor has multiple files), or listed individually for download as relevant to each attendee.

The opportunities to make your event site your own helps bring your vision to life, and enhance the experience for your presenters, sponsors, and attendees, alike. Now that you have the tools to make your virtual event truly shine, show us what you got! We look forward to supporting your next event with our highly-flexible platform, our people-first mindset, and best-in-class hospitality. If you have questions, tips, or comments, feel free to reach out to us at info@convene.com.


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