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Highlighting Your Most Important Partners

Posted June 25, 2021 By Convene

Beyond your company, speakers, and participants there are often important stakeholders that help make your event a success – the sponsors.

Convene’s interactive sponsor module works to offer these partners the brand exposure and spotlight they would normally receive from a sponsor booth at an in-person event, with interactive and highly customizable sponsor modules to meet your event’s specific needs.

Below is a breakdown of our most frequently asked questions on Convene’s virtual sponsor booths, and how they work for both sponsors and planners.

What is the sponsor module, and what elements go into it?

Sponsor booths are intended to provide partner brand exposure to your audience, while ideally also providing qualified leads to meet their business objectives. Translating this to a virtual setting, your dedicated online space on Convene’s virtual platform works as virtual sponsor “booths” to highlight sponsoring companies, their products, and the partnership. Participants can browse all partnerships on the sponsor page, which can also be broken down by tier or organized by category, and can include additional, non-sponsor related content, as needed.

How can I customize it?

With Convene’s virtual sponsor booth, you have full control in creating unique content modules that shine a light on your sponsors and brand.

  • Color and size: You can customize the background color to match your brand and also change the size of the logos/icons you’re featuring.
  • Clickable links: You also have the option to either link the sponsor logo out to an external website when clicked
  • Pop out descriptions: If you have more information to provide on your sponsors, we can include a pop out that includes space for three external links, a customizable hero image, sponsor contact, and short description.
  • Sponsor chats: If you are utilizing the chat feature on your event site, attendees can start a chat with the sponsor contact right from the pop out.
  • Unlimited icons: There is no limit to the number of icons you can list on your sponsor module
  • Multiple tiers: Take advantage of our ability to display multiple tiers, and title each level with what you want to highlight. Varying background colors make each tier stand out and draw your audience in to explore more.
  • Additional descriptions: We can add additional linkable descriptions below each title to offer more insight into the content.

 What are some of the examples of other use cases I can use the module for?

The “Sponsor” Module doesn’t only have to be used to highlight sponsors – we’ve built and designed the feature so you can highlight a variety of content, from new products, partner companies, casting votes, and more.

Take a look at how we’ve promoted “Our Locations” as well as “Our Offerings” in the example below. Each icon is linked to an external site that brings your attendee directly to a page offering more information. Note how we adjusted the size of the icons in each section to make them stand out even more.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 3.23.33 PM

How is the content gathered, and who builds it on the site?

Once your event is booked, you’ll be introduced to your Virtual Event Manager, who reviews the asset collection process with you. Then, you will upload all materials needed to produce your event site and to get it ready for broadcast. Once your content has been uploaded, your Implementation Specialist will begin building out your event site, which they will review with you once the first draft has been completed.

You’ll have an opportunity to review the site in detail and make any edits you need in order to bring your vision to life. Our team is here to help you make planning your virtual event as seamless as possible.

Are you interested in seeing a demonstration of various ways to use the sponsor section? Reach out to info@convene.com to meet with our virtual meetings experts to see what’s possible for your next event. We look forward to hearing from you.


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