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I Planned a Hybrid Event with Convene Studio

Posted October 11, 2021 By Kelsey Dandeneau

In order to showcase Convene Studio’s virtual and hybrid capabilities with our clients and educate them on best practices, we’ve hosted a series of events featuring our team of experts. This gave us an opportunity to test the product and service from the customer perspective, while also showcasing the range of functionalities of the platform. Cue “Step Inside Convene Studio,” planned by Kelsey Dandeneau, Convene’s Senior Coordinator of Special Projects, a hybrid event that hosted clients from around the world.

Kelsey has worked in hospitality and events for most of her professional career, and helps our marketing team in producing some of our biggest event activations. While she is an event wiz, this was her first time planning a fully hybrid event from start to finish.   

Below is a Q&A deep diving into her personal experience working closely with Convene’s production team to execute her vision – all of which, both planning and executing the event, was done while she was remotely herself.

Can you share some background and context about the hybrid event you planned?

The main goal behind our “Step Inside Convene Studio” event was to bring Studio’s virtual and hybrid features to life, showcasing the people, spaces, and technology that go into building a broadcast-level production – while also displaying the sheer range of possibilities the platform is able to offer our clients.

What elements did your program require?

“Step Inside Convene Studio” took place both virtually (streamed live) and in-person at our physical Convene meeting location at 225 Liberty St. in New York. Our event hosted two panelists and one moderator on site, as well as one remote participant, Convene’s Founder and CEO Ryan Simonetti, who joined from our Willis Tower location in Chicago. Additional panelists had segments of their presentations pre-recorded prior to the event from London, and our production team was responsible for fine-tuning each transition and editing recorded content so that each moment felt live and personable.

Despite the range of elements, I was able to focus on the program and content of the event throughout the planning process, while Convene Studio handled the logistics to make that program come to life.

What logistics did Convene Studio handle in order to support your event?

In order to support our asynchronous speaking segments, the dedicated team worked to schedule, record and edit the content, to include the pre-recorded session, presentation slides as well as video files, before the event. They also built the final run of show that was executed on the day of the event, including preparations to troubleshoot on the day of the event, if needed.

Convene Studio was a one-stop-shop that had a technology platform, and a production team that supported both the in-person events from the venue and the virtual event from one of our control rooms. These hospitality and AV resources really worked to leave a lasting impression on our attendees and panelists.

Not having to source and communicate with separate vendors, saved us considerable amounts of time and allowed us to focus on the program and the client experience.

What was the timeline needed to support this event?

We began working about five weeks prior to the event, which is a short time frame to turn around an event of this proportion. To keep the event planning on track, we started off the process with a kick-off call with our production manager, and then supplemented with regular calls to communicate new portions of our program. They also took care of pre-event tech checks for each speaker, as well as pre-recording of our remote speakers. 

On the day of the event, our live show logistics included multiple cameras and angles, production cues, various lighting and projection needs, as well as mics and stage positioning for panelists, all of which were handled by the onsite team.

How many people from Convene Studio helped you put this event on?

Studio provided me with a full team with over 20+ pairs of hands managing every aspect at different stages of the event. I couldn’t have handled all of this on my own, so the process was more seamless than I could have imagined.

  • Convene’s Technical Specialists handled all of the production, including the pre-recording, editing, video production, and on-site coordination the day of the event.
  • Convene’s Implementation Team handled the branded event website, making sure that attendees knew their login instructions, event start time, and agenda, and were also on-site on event day.
  • During the event, Studio’s Customer Support Team was available on hand to answer any attendee questions through chat.

Because of all of this support, I was able to focus on fine-tuning the details of the attendee experience and spend less time on technical logistics. My assigned Production Manager kept me in check throughout the process, so I felt supported every step of the way.

How was event day?

The day the event was set to go live, I joined from the virtual greenroom to help direct the flow of the event. I wasn’t at the physical event location, but was able to communicate with colleagues onsite in real time to check in and see how everything was coming together. Studio’s virtual greenroom brought both in-person and virtual panelists together, and I was able to give the go ahead for when to start the event, when to run the polls, and when to moderate the Q&A.

Convene’s Virtual Team was also in their control room to make sure that every aspect of the event ran seamlessly. They ran tech checks (which included making sure speakers were comfortable on stage, mic checks, physical confidence monitors, providing slide advancing remotes, and more) as well as providing virtual support (network, hardware, video/audio quality, greenroom coordination, countdown timers, visual cues, and more).

When I watched the opening sizzle reel for the first time, it gave me chills. I remembered the feeling of seeing the reactions of the attendees and feeling the energy of the room, even while remote. Convene Studio truly brought the event together with our company’s signature, hospitality-first approach, and I felt so proud of myself and my team for pulling all of this together with such quality and detail. I can’t wait to produce more hybrid events with live audiences in bigger and more impactful ways!

How was attendee engagement?

We had a 50% attrition rate (the same as our in-person events), and had incredible engagement throughout the event. Here are some examples:

  • We received so many questions that the Q&A continued 20 minutes over schedule. And nearly 80% of our participants stayed on during the Q&A.
  • During the event we issued two polls and saw 60% of attendees participated.
  • After the event, I sent out a survey to collect feedback, and we continued to receive results up to eight weeks after the event.
  • We even had a client book an event with us immediately after our event wrapped.

Convene Studio streamlines the planning experience for companies, while elevating the experience for attendees. The team saves planners time and allows them to focus on their guests and program.

To watch a recording of this event please visit our site.

To learn more about planning your own hybrid event through Studio, book a demo, or learn more about our platform please feel free to reach out to us.


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