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Hybrid Events For Your Space

Posted March 11, 2021 By Convene

At Convene, we know the future of the event industry is hybrid.

Not only do hybrid events extend your reach, they also mitigate exposure to potential health and safety risks, helping planners meet the new needs of attendees. But at this point in time, only some event spaces are equipped to offer an end-to-end hybrid experience. That’s why Convene is launching a platform solution to help bridge the gap between your venue and a remote audience.

We’re proud to announce that we’re among the few companies chosen for Marriott’s Connect with Confidence Meetings Program, supporting their ability to provide clients with a premium and seamless hybrid event experience. And as a result, planners will have access to Convene Virtual & Hybrid Meetings across their venues. This product has proven to be both highly effective and engaging and we’re thrilled to share it with Marriott’s community.


Tapping into on-site AV teams and technology, this new hybrid platform livestreams your virtual and in-person experience to a branded virtual event site—without any additional on-site production support to connect the feed to the event site.

Operating virtually in this way gives us the flexibility to support any event, anywhere. For even greater versatility, we’ve developed two product options to support your on-site tech needs, ranging from light to robust support.

Convene Stream

Broadcast your in-person event directly onto the Convene Virtual Event Site from your onsite production studio, offering a streamlined production experience as well as easy access to a remote audience.


The Convene Stream product pulls in your broadcast directly from the venue (and on-site AV team) and places it onto our Virtual Event Site.Our team will help navigate the logistics and venue connections to ensure that your on-site event reaches your virtual audience seamlessly.

Convene Studio

Broadcast your in-person event directly to our Virtual Control Room from your on-site production studio to enhance your experience further. From our Virtual Control Room, our team can add production graphics to your stream, integrate more remote speakers, and combine video feeds.


The Convene Studio pulls in your broadcast directly from the venue (and on-site AV team) and runs it through our Control Room. From there, our team can elevate your attendee’s viewing experience with graphics, the inclusion of several remote speakers, and multiple feeds. This enhanced stream is then broadcasted onto the Convene Virtual Event Site. 

Making your next event hybrid can feel daunting, but Convene Virtual & Hybrid meetings solutions come with our team of experts who can help you navigate  the challenges every step of the way.

Thinking of taking your next event hybrid? Book a demo of our hybrid solution today and learn how you can upgrade your event from a Convene location or elsewhere.


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