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Leveraging the Agenda to Deliver Information and Drive Engagement

Posted June 17, 2021 By Convene

All of the details that meeting and event planners assemble come together in a powerful roadmap for participants, in the form of an agenda.

We recognized this importance from the inception of the platform, which is why we focused on it’s design and features to offer a robust tool that provides our planners an edge above other platforms.

Convene Studio’s Agenda Module offers personal touches to emphasize your event messaging and increase engagement through various touchpoints. Planners are able to outline meaningful content, access customization throughout, as well as user-friendly visualizations – all powered by Convene’s virtual event technology. Below, we’ll walk you through the agenda features and more to show you how you can use these tools to optimize your virtual event’s impact.

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Enhanced customization from beginning to end.

By creating a thoughtful agenda, you guide your audience through your programming, while bringing your event to life. Through Convene’s virtual agenda feature, the details are easily customizable, from session start/end times, track filtering, to the headshots and bios of each speaker. Here are some frequent questions we get from our clients as they become familiar with our Agenda Module:

  • What if some of your sessions have brief descriptions while others have more detailed information?

Each individual agenda item can (but doesn’t have to) include as much information as you would like. In turn, attendees will see a short, collapsible preview, which can then be expanded by participants to reveal a lengthier description. This will create a consistent look across your sessions, while still allowing you to be as descriptive as you’d like.

  •  What if my agenda changes?

Things happen, and at Convene, we designed our platform to be flexible in responding to your changing needs. Perhaps one of your presenters cancelled, or some of the session material has been through last minute revisions. Rest assured; you will have several opportunities to revise the agenda before event day.

  • How can I increase visibility for my event partners?

Speaker bios can showcase links to social media pages or personal websites. Additionally, the agenda items can feature links to external pages that contain relevant content for the session, for speakers, or even sponsorships.

  • Who can see the agenda?

Your agenda’s visibility depends on your preferences. This means you can choose your agenda only once an attendee is logged into the event site, which creates a layer of security for your event. Or conversely, you can choose to make the agenda public, and therefore not require any login credentials or password (by placing it on your event’s homepage). You have full control over where and when the agenda is visible and can even specify its location on the page – if you’d like it to be above the video player, or below the speaker section. The choice is yours!

  • Can the audience configure their agenda on their own as well?

The Agenda Module also has an optional track-filtering feature. Attendees can select their desired track, and the agenda will show only the sessions that are associated with that track. This way, attendees can create an experience that’s tailored to their specific interests. The filter is also great for differentiating between breakout sessions and main stage sessions.

  • How does the agenda guide users in joining the programming?

Each agenda item is paired with a button that lets participants know if a scheduled event is upcoming, ready to be joined, or recently completed. While buttons can be customized, they generally read: Upcoming (meaning the session has not yet started), Join Now (prompting users to begin watching an available session – whether it’s a breakout, mainstage event, or pre-recorded video), and Done (which means the session and access has come to an end for the time being).

A smart agenda that does the work for you.

As a planner, you have what feels like a million things to manage leading up to the event day, but Convene’s smart technology takes some of that mental load off of your plate. And the best part? It continues to work for you weeks after the event, here’s how:

  • Hosting an event across multiple cities/countries:

The agenda items will automatically adjust based on the time zone of the participant. Participants will always see the sessions in their local time.

  •  Hosting a multi-day event:

    Dropdown options allows attendees to select a specific day and see the agenda for that day. The Agenda Module will automatically display the current day’s itinerary to the attendee. This is especially useful for events that span three or more days.
  •  Tracking an Event’s Impact:

    Like the rest of the virtual event site, the agenda stays active for 30 days after the event. This means that folks can go back in to watch the replays, and all of the session information and material will still be available to them.

Post event, you will also be provided with a comprehensive packet of analytics which will provide you with actionable insights. You’ll know exactly how many people clicked on a specific speaker, and which sessions had the highest number of participants – among many other useful takeaways for your team.

Our Convene Experts are with you every step of the way. From the start of your event site building process, you are instantly connected with a dedicated team of Virtual Event experts who will collaborate with you to curate your perfect agenda. We’ll help ensure that all of your assets meet the requirements for your branded event site. Whether it’s your first virtual event or your 100th, Convene Experts are here to help you build premium content for a superior event experience.

Want to see how your virtual agenda would look on our platform, or have more questions on how to create the perfect agenda? Book a demo with us, and we’ll guide you through the process!


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