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Turn Your In-person Meeting Hybrid with Event Assurance

Posted January 3, 2022 By Convene

As more of the world continues to reopen, people are beginning to feel more confident in hosting and attending in-person events.

But, with the reality of future uncertainty, whether it be changing travel restrictions or health and safety protocols, many are finding it hard to feel fully comfortable going all-in on in-person events right now.

In order to mitigate against the risk of uncontrollable changes, more planners are leaning into alternative ways their productions can offer a safe way to gather in-person, while also extending access to those tuning in from a remote location of their choosing – aka a hybrid event. Given the complexity of these events, the challenge for planners has been finding a flexible solution that allows them to quickly pivot when they need to, no matter how soon their event is.

For planners that are optimistically looking forward to hosting an in-person event, but want a budget-conscious contingency plan, Convene created Hybrid Assurance. This hybrid event package works to convert any physical event on our property into a premier hybrid in as little as 48 hours. Assurance is designed to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual attendees end-to-end at any stage of the planning process, and offers a dedicated team to help with in-room equipment, streaming, and event-day production. Now planners can rest assured knowing that regardless of what the world throws at them, there is a quick and easy solution to keeping their event on track.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included to make that happen:

In-Room Technology

  • Camera: Assurance provides a single 1080p camera to capture events on the Main Stage. This camera will stream to guests attending online on a live feed
  • Encoder: For Live Streaming and Production
  • Audio Mixer: Our 16-channel audio mixer will ensure top audio quality for both in-person and virtual settings
  • Dedicated in-room Technicians: Convene staff will have their boots on the ground the day of your event, coordinating audio and video to perform at its best quality.

Event Production

  • The package includes a branded Event Site that remote attendees can log into to view the event
  • One of our Convene staff members will moderate both Q&A and Polling sessions for remote attendees to keep them engaged with the in-room presenters
  • Assurance provides a simple multi-use code for virtual attendees to use to easily log-in to the event site
  • Our team will connect High Quality Broadcasts from the event directly to the Site for attendees to watch live, as well as at a later time

We know first hand that all great event planners always have a backup plan (or a few). Now, with Convene Assurance Packages they can feel confident that their event will take place regardless of what obstacles stand in their way.

Need to plan a hybrid event of your own? To learn more about activating Hybrid Event Assurance with Convene, speak with our team today. Interested in dropping us a line or scheduling a demo? Reach out to us at info@convene.com.


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