2020 was a year like no other and its impact extended to the event industry and event planners as well. The pandemic required a rapid transition from in-person events to virtual, forcing planners to navigate an unexpected set of learning curves, and resulting in both less-than-stellar production values and disengaged audiences.

But now, that rushed transition is no longer a valid reason for poor productions. Over the past year, attendees have participated in more virtual events and meetings than ever before. And because of that, they’re ready for something truly remarkable—not only flawless technology but seamless networking capabilities, and production values that resemble live television. 

To help planners transition events to virtual formats, we built a premium platform with best-in-class technology to engage every audience: Convene Virtual Meetings. We took a decade worth of experience working with some of the brightest minds in the event industry, and created a truly singular platform. Before every event, we build our clients a branded website and conduct full tech and audio rehearsals. During the events, our virtual meeting producers manage the entire run of show and ensure all tech runs perfectly. Afterward, we provide our clients with useful analytics detailing audience engagement and sponsor interaction. 

Since we debuted our platform in the summer of 2020, planners have continued turning to us for six common event formats: industry conferences, town halls, training sessions, shareholder meetings, product launches, and awards ceremonies. Conferences and educational training sessions were by far the most popular use cases, but all of these events remain prevalent. 

With this in mind, we enlisted our team of production experts to craft a guide for these six types of events hosted on Convene Virtual Meetings. For each use case, we explain the common pitfalls of virtual settings and the unique solutions our platform provides. We know that it’s more difficult than ever to keep your attendees engaged, but with Convene Virtual Meetings your future events will be both meaningful and memorable.  

Click HERE to download our ebook.  It’s never been easier to elevate your events.