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Employee Brand Toolkit

A resource guide with everything you need to understand and apply our evolving brand day to day.

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A Letter from Convene’s Chief Brand Officer

I’m so pleased to share our new brand resources toolkit with you.

By now you may have seen some small changes in how Convene’s brand is evolving. We’re working to reach new audiences with an increased caliber of events and partnerships, a greater cadence of PR and storytelling, a refreshed website, new advertising, and a fresh approach to our social strategy. We are making a dent and creating chatter, but this is just the beginning.

Despite all of that, it’s clear that the greatest way to grow and evolve Convene’s brand starts with you – our people. We all know there’s something special about the culture of Convene. Our people are our secret sauce, and our people are the ones that transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary places by tailoring every detail to the aspirations and needs of our customers.

Convene’s brand is powerful—it shapes our internal culture and differentiates us from our competitors. And as Convene grows and our industry changes, we need to make sure our brand keeps up. No matter your role at Convene, we are united by our belief that the right place can inspire greatness. And as our business evolves, we will hold tightly to these things that set us apart from the crowd. That’s what our brand evolution is all about. Capturing and nurturing—in our culture and in our communications—what’s so special about Convene, and making sure our employees have the ability to share that with the world.

Brad Kay, Chief Brand Officer, Convene