Planning Memorable, Engaging Events

Virtual events have provided companies the opportunity to meet and connect as much as possible this year. However, expectations have risen and the stakes are now higher than ever before. Premium brands need premium events with flawless technology, seamless networking capabilities, and production values that mimic live television. 

In this ebook you will learn how Convene Virtual Meetings gives you the ability to host engaging and memorable events. We will explore six common use cases and how to take these important meetings to the next level.

In this Ebook, you’ll discover tips for:


Industry Conferences

Town Halls

Training Sessions


Shareholder Meetings

Product Launches

Awards Ceremonies


Your next presentation may take place at home instead of on a keynote stage, but your audience will still expect to be educated, challenged, entertained, and even inspired.

With the simple pointers included in this guide, plus support from industry experts, you’ll be able to overcome any potential challenges and ensure your next speaking engagement is as seamless and successful as possible.


Let Convene Virtual Meetings make your next virtual event your best. 

Convene Virtual Meetings offers a seamless experience from planning to production. Combining proprietary technology with our signature hospitality, each event is backed by personalized support from our dedicated team of production experts, so you can focus on presenting. The all-in-one answer for your most impactful meetings, our platform features everything you need to host your events with confidence.

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