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About Us

Physical space has the power to make or break your focus, your mindset, your mood. It shapes behavior, molds culture. And when it falls short, your productivity and creativity often do the same. But what about when it’s amazing?

That’s where we come in. We apply the best in design, technology and hospitality services to unleash human potential. We transform the workplace into a place you want to be. Think high-end boutique hotel—culinary chops and 5-star service included. We take care of all your needs. You do your best work.

We work with the world’s most prominent property owners to put this experience in place. For people who want the workplace to work harder—the changemakers, thoughtleaders, creators and go-getters among us. Because when it happens, it changes human behavior for the better. And it’s all in a day’s work.

What We Provide

By partnering with landlords, we offer companies and building tenants access to a shared network of best-in-class workspaces, premium amenities, and five-star hospitality services – all enabled by our proprietary technology platform.

Enhance Your Meeting Experience

Our world-class meeting and conference venues include everything that you need (space, furniture, technology, food, and staff) to plan your most important internal or client-facing events. We reduce all of the typical pressures that meeting planners face when they plan their conferences, town halls, summits, galas, product launches, road shows, receptions, or board meetings so that they can focus more on their guests and less on logistics.

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Upgrade Your Office Experience

Whether you’re a team of 1 or 700, you need a workplace environment that you’re excited to show to your investors, partners, and VIP clients. Instead of a signing a traditional 5-10 year office lease, hiring designers and architects, and planning for unknown business and employee needs for a decade, Convene provides you with move-in ready options that include 5-star hospitality services, spacious communal areas, award-winning chefs, and the finest design touches in a distraction-free environment.

Companies already in Class A office space can typically save 25-35% with one of our flexible membership models, which can contract or expand as your business evolves.

Already in a coworking location but outgrowing the experience (and/or space)? We can help.

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Improve Your Building’s Asset Value

We offer landlords and property managers a unique, one-stop solution for their building’s amenity, meetings, and flexible workspace needs. As a trusted brand with proven Fortune 500 customer loyalty, human-centered design approaches and deep hospitality expertise, we’ve a proven partner that immediately improves leasing velocity, tenant retention, and market rents.

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Our Manifesto

Place is the unsung hero of the best ideas and most cherished memories. It’s creativity’s frame. The last human difference of the digital era. The way we design place impacts how we think, collaborate, innovate. It’s the inspiration we don’t know we need until we’re connecting to it.

So we sweat each detail, inspired by the people around us. Captivated by how they reach for a pen, by what drives them to stay hours into the night, by the ideas they have no choice but to write on the walls. Our places become their body language.

Born from hospitality, fueled by grit — our people get us past the horizon. Challenging the competition by living up to the ideal that every Convene experience is yours, not ours. A true obsession with empathy. So that any person who walks through the doors enters elevated and leaves with a smile.

We create places for the enlightened. A signal for those who demand performance with heart. For the curious. For the thoughtful. For the talented. With our customers and partners we can push our collective potential. And disrupt the last vestiges of the undisrupted.

Convene. Welcome to the Business Class.

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We’ve recently been named one of the Best Workplaces in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, in addition to being a certified Great Place to Work and the #11 Workplace in New York City.

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