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Beco Founder Tom Zampini on the Office of the Future

Posted May 17, 2018 By Andrew Littlefield

Last week, we were pleased to announce that Convene had acquired the workplace technology platform, Beco.

We’re thrilled to welcome Beco to the Convene family. This move is part of a larger technology initiative that promises to enable Convene spaces with the kinds of magical user experiences and digital conveniences that we enjoy in every part of our lives other than at work.

We sat down with Beco founder (now Convene’s Chief Product Officer) Tom Zampini to learn more about what he’s built and how it will shape the office of the future.


Andrew Littlefield: What is Beco?

Tom Zampini: Beco is a data platform that connects people to physical space. In doing so we’re able to streamline daily activities in buildings that delight the tenant while capturing data insights that empower the landlord to make spaces better and better run their buildings.


AL: What does it mean to “delight a tenant?”

TZ: If you think about our world today, we use apps outside for everything from hailing a car, to ordering food, to finding nearby venues and points of interest. And yet, when we come indoors that whole experience stops.

The opportunity at hand is where using my phone, I’m able to streamline my day starting with how I enter a building, to knowing what events and what activities are happening around me, to people I should meet, to finding free space to work. It’s all connected around that experience.



Beco’s solar powered beacons work as a sort of “GPS satellite” for powering your building.



AL: What do you think the office of the future looks like?

TZ: It’s clear that the workplace we know today has become much more flexible, and that’s in part because our working styles have changed. The speed at which a team is activated and then breaks down is very fast, people are very dynamic, and so as we’ve seen the shift in the workplace to a much more flexible, open floor plan. And yet now there’s new stresses around— how do you find meeting rooms? How do you find your team? When are amenities busy, or when is the best time to work out, or get a sandwich?

For me, I view technology helping fill that gap so that our lives are a little bit more streamlined in terms of how we interact with physical space.


AL: How does Beco make an office run more smoothly?

TZ: Beco provides real-time experiences to building tenants, for instance when is the best time to get coffee or go to the gym; or what nearby meeting spaces are free right now. We also provide long-term insights back to the landlord or the tenant to say, “Am I using my space effectively? Do I have the right types of spaces and tools for my workforce, so they can be most successful?”



AL: How will Convene and Beco joining forces change the way the world works?

TZ: It unlocks an amazing opportunity where by coming together we are able to offer our landlord and enterprise partners a data platform, a tenant user-facing experience, and the data analytics to make those experiences better. It allows us to provide a solution that “just works,” where we can integrate into a building quickly, delight the tenant, and provide insights to make that space better. With Convene and Beco working together, we can better design our spaces and deliver a magical hospitality experience to clients.



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