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Creating a Safe and Healthy Workspace: Convene’s Updated Operating Standards

Posted May 13, 2020 By Amy Pooser

As we navigate a world in which COVID-19 has taken lives, caused widespread illness, upended every rhythm of life, and disrupted our collective peace of mind, I’m also conscious of the resilience, community, and kindness that the pandemic has engendered.

At Convene, our employees have shown remarkable acts of generosity and compassion toward their colleagues and communities, which has spread light in an otherwise dark time. Meanwhile, our locations have been closed, giving us the space to reflect on our business and how to better serve our members, guests, and employees when we’re able to be together again.

Our 10+ years of cultivating a culture of integrity means that we will continue to make the right choices, especially in a time when health and safety are paramount. At Convene, we anticipate needs before they are stated, which includes ensuring that each person who enters our doors feels as safe as possible, both physically and psychologically.

We have taken the past month to build a comprehensive operational plan designed to form the strongest safety net possible to ensure our employees’, members’ and guests’ health and wellbeing. This plan is the result of extensive consultation with medical experts, government and business leaders, our partners, and our team.

Our commitment to you is to create the safest, healthiest workplaces possible. We’re doing that in five main ways:

  1. Implementing testing, temperature checking, active monitoring, and wider access to health services.
  2. Frequent communication and transparency.
  3. Redesigning our spaces to facilitate proper social distancing.
  4. Increasing cleaning and disinfection frequency, providing access to sanitation supplies, and improving the quality of air circulated through our workplaces.
  5. Updating our hospitality and service delivery standards.

Given the situation’s volatility, we will continue to consult with medical experts and take the guidance and advice of the CDC, WHO, and local government authorities to iterate on our plan, constantly upgrading individual measures based on the best scientific evidence to reinforce the strength of Convene’s approach. We’ve also joined the Workplace Operator Readiness Council with 13 other flexible workspace providers around the world to continue developing best practices for safe workplaces and will incorporate those insights and conclusions into the subsequent versions of this plan.

Meanwhile, we’re using this time to expand upon our remote and hybrid work offerings that will ultimately deliver a better experience at work, no matter where you are. More to come on that soon.

For now, all of us at Convene are already looking forward to welcoming you back to your home with us. Until then, take care of yourselves and one another.

You can read our new operating standards here.

Stay safe and healthy,


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