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Our Most Read Articles of 2018

Posted December 31, 2018 By Andrew Littlefield

It’s that time of year! That lull between Christmas and New Year, the offices are quiet. It’s a good time to go back and read some articles you may have missed here on Catalyst. We had our biggest year yet—lots of new topics, voices, and over a half a million views! Thank you for taking time out of your workday to spend with us, we can’t wait to grow further with you.

Here are our ten most read articles of the past year—catch up on what you missed!


Open Offices Aren’t the Cure… or the Disease

Nothing spurs a heated debate like these two words: Open Office. Back in June, Jared Shelly dug for the truth about the now ubiquitous open floor plan and found that it is neither the evil it’s made out to be OR the cure-all many hoped for.


What’s the Best Plant to Get for Your Office?

What’s the opposite of a green thumb? Whatever it is, that’s what I have. But thanks to this article, I’ve managed to keep a single potted plant alive on my desk for nearly six months!


Here’s Why Mental Health at Work is Everyone’s Business

Mental health has been at the forefront of the national conversation all year—and that’s great news. In this article, our Linsey Knerl explored what role our employers play in our mental health.


Event Planning Glossary: 147 Event Terms To Know

Ever hear someone drop some sort of acronym, only to shake your head and pretend you know what it means but really you’re making a mental note to Google it later? We’ve all been there. Bookmark the event planning glossary so you don’t mix up your RFPs and your MMPs.


Spotify’s NYC HQ: How Office Design Attracts Talent in a Competitive Market

Everyone loves drooling over pictures of sleek offices, and this article showing off Spotify’s NYC HQ delivers. Enough said.


Event Planning Is One of the Most Stressful Jobs in the World. Let’s Change That.

Event planners, we feel for you. It’s a stressful job. Convene’s own Julie Starr offers some advice.


New Report: Chicago Will Join the Ranks of Global ‘Megacities’ by 2030

Chicago is on the rise! People were excited to see a new report which put Chicago on the trajectory to join NYC and LA as the nation’s “Megacities.”


6 Insanely Cool Smart Office Buildings From Around the World

High tech buildings abound! Here are some of our favorite smart office buildings across the globe.


How Long Is Too Long to Commute?

Is a raise worth a longer commute? Read this article to find out.


Headspace’s Los Angeles Office: Whimsical, Fun, and Mindful

More beautiful office pictures! This one has lots of zen vibes.


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