Spend any time driving or walking around Philadelphia, and you’re sure to see the work of Isaiah Zagar. His colorful mosaics seem to take over every available wall on South Street. You can’t help but stop and smile.

The man behind the work has the same effect on those who cross his path. Spend 10 minutes with Isaiah, and you get the feeling he’s never met a stranger in his life. His laugh is infectious, and his sense of humor keeps you off balance—never quite sure what’s a joke and what he is entirely serious about.

Zagar’s work covers the span of two floors along a staircase at Convene’s newly renovated space at CityView in Center City Philadelphia. With bright blue and yellow hues, bits of mirror that catch the afternoon sun, and quirky quotes that spark your imagination, it’s easy to see why Zagar calls his work “visual glossolalia,” even if you needed to look up the word like I did.


For more views of Zagar’s work and the rest of the Convene CityView space, check out the images below.