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Size Matters: Holding Productive Meetings In The Hybrid Workplace

Posted June 22, 2022 By Convene

Flexible workdays are taking the business world by storm, with many organizations taking advantage of hybrid and remote work. And while getting together to discuss business looks different today, the power of teamwork and collaboration remains more important than ever. But with teams split between the office, home, or a third space of their choosing – finding the right opportunities to bring teams, especially smaller groups, together has become paramount. Luckily there are simple solutions to help bring us together, and research shows micro-meetings are actually more effective and productive than the boardrooms we may be used to filling.

What is a Micro-Meeting?

Micro-meetings are smaller, focused gatherings that include only key stakeholders relevant to a meeting objective. These meetings  bring this small group face-to-face and can utilize hybrid technologies to connect with others if needed, leveraging the benefits of meeting in person while still accommodating remote team members. The meeting size ensures there is enough time for all in attendance to participate in the conversation, serving as a venue for quality information-sharing, while allowing the group to prioritize the most critical issues. 

Steve Jobs, the co-founder and long-time CEO of Apple, was known for keeping meetings as small and focused as possible, as retold in the book “Insanely Simple” by Jobs collaborator Ken Segall – often excusing himself or others from meetings that weren’t integral to increase the efficiency of the meeting. 

What can we learn from Jobs, one of the most influential minds in tech? Embrace the micro-meeting by being more strategic in who we meet with, why we are meeting with them, and what goals we aim to achieve with them. As hybrid workplaces replace traditional office infrastructures, micro-meetings can be the answer to how companies can holistically and effectively integrate productive workdays, in a way that makes sense for everyone both in-person and online.

How to Incorporate Micro-Meetings in your Hybrid Workplace

Instead of focusing on a complex agenda that can derail a meeting and extend its time, meeting with a smaller group while focusing on a clear goal can promote collaboration and productivity while boosting company morale and talent retention. It’s what we like to call “purpose-driven” work. At Convene, we offer several tools to help you seamlessly integrate micro-meetings into your everyday hybrid workspace and hold productive meetings: 

Meet Face-to-Face at a Convene WorkPlace

Convene’s WorkPlace offers full-service private office suites, large communal areas for collaboration, and hybrid-enabled meeting rooms, all with flexible terms and layouts designed to support micro-meetings for employees wherever they are. With over 20 Convene locations spread across the United States, and a new location in London, companies can choose the hybrid workspace, productive physical meetings and events space, or a flexible workspace that works best for their micro-meeting strategy. 

All-in-one Hybrid Solutions with Convene Studio

Convene Studio is the only solution that combines all of our production services, virtual technology, and network of properties to seamlessly support any type of meeting or event. With Studio, companies can easily plan and execute productive hybrid meetings across any of our locations, including external venues – such as hotels – if desired. 

When organizing virtual micro-meetings, Convene Studio’s proprietary session player and breakout interface also allow users to enjoy a seamless workflow between meeting and breakouts, without having to switch between multiple platforms (unlike other virtual meeting platforms). Attendees no longer need to worry about entering host codes to access breakout rooms, or getting mixed up between speaker or attendee views. They can also see a grid view of speakers for up to 8 people, chat with each other, and record sessions for post-meeting playback, among other user-friendly features. 

Gone are the Days of Overcrowded Conference Rooms

The bottom line is, micro-meetings provide a win-win situation for both employee and employer. In a survey we commissioned, nearly 1,000 full-time employees were polled across various roles, industries, and U.S. geographies – and we found that less than 15% of the workforce prefers being in the office full-time, with over two-thirds preferring a hybrid schedule. Whether your employees are showing up to work in-person, virtually, or hybrid, now is the time to lean into how you can create a sustainable micro-meeting model that gives employees the flexibility and tools they need to succeed, all while increasing productivity.

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