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4 Tips for Recruiting Speakers Your Audience Wants To See

Posted June 10, 2015 By Craig von Wiederhold

People attend events for one of three reasons: they want to travel, they want to network, or they want to learn. If they are coming to your event to learn something, then you better make sure that you have a stellar line up of speakers planned!

Getting the right speakers for your event and audience is not an easy task. If you have an open call for speakers, then you are going to receive more than a few submissions. How do you pick the best without wanting to pull your hair out after going through submission after submission? We have a few ideas to make sure that you are getting the best speakers in the easiest way possible!


Move from email to the cloud

Everyone is telling you to move to the cloud lately, but trust that you will not regret this move. So many people are still using their emails to collect call for speakers, which is crowding inboxes and inducing stress.  Imagine having hundreds of call for papers in your email right now and on top of that your regular email load – too much.

Invest in a content submission tool to help you. Speakers can submit their proposals online and then your speaker review board can log in and review.  If you have a tool like eSelect that integrates with your registration software, you can easily convert speakers and sessions to your event website and agenda. No extra steps.


Promote your call for papers

If you want the best of the best to speak at your event, then you need to know where to find them. That doesn’t just mean just sending the link to submit to your community of followers and email database. You really need to push it further.

Think about where you go most for content that relates to your event’s community. Create an advertisement promoting your call for papers or see if you can get an editorial piece on the website/s mentioning your event. Obviously social media is a great choice as well because you are able to reach a very broad audience.


Consider crowdsourcing

If you really want to give your attendees what they want then try crowdsourcing your event content. You can still use a content submission tool to have people submit their call for papers and have your reviewers narrow it down to a certain number of speakers. Then open it up to the public. Event Tech Live in London did this last year, having speakers create both written and video submissions then letting the community pick who spoke at the event.

You need to lay out the process ahead of time for people because they will have questions. Let them know how many session slots you will have at your event and how you will decide who gets picked. Maybe it’s a combination between your review committee’s picks and the audience’s picks. Maybe just the audience picks with the most votes will present. Whatever the case let them know. This gets your attendees involved and even helps with promotion because they will campaign for their favorite sessions!


Follow those tips during your next speaker submission process to make sure that you are getting the presenters that your audience wants to see! Not to mention, making the process a little bit easier on yourself by investing in a tool! 



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