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5 Presentation Styles to Spice Up Your Event

Posted May 13, 2015 By Craig von Wiederhold

Do you want to be like every other conference or meeting out there? NO! You want to stand out from the crowd and make people line up to attend your event.

There are a few ways that you can do this, but one way is getting creative with presentation formats. Step outside of the box and give your attendees something to talk about and say engaged with. With better engagement techniques from the start you will not only keep your attendees attention, but you will help to increase attendance.


We have a few tips to spice up your presentation styles and seating arrangements to keep attendees happy, engaged and having fun!


Presentation Style

We have all been in meeting or conference when we see the presenter pull up a PowerPoint that is almost unreadable with the amount of text of the page. Do they expect us to read the presentation or listen to what they are saying? Times like that you have to choose!

Don’t lose your audience because of a bad presentation style. There are so many new and exciting ways to make your presentations pop.

Pecha Kucha: 20 slides 20 seconds for 6 minutes

With only 20 seconds per slide, this will keep your speakers on their toes! The slides move automatically whether they are ready or not, so your speakers need to make sure they are prepared. With a heavy focus on images, it also gives your audience something better to look at than just text on a slide.

Consider making this a competition at your show. Who can give the best presentation in just 6 minutes? GITBM in Dubai did this a few years ago and while it was challenging to prepare, it was fun to present!

Haiku Deck: Presentation software

A new kind of presentation software, Haiku Deck has a heavy focus on visual imagery and making it easy for you to create presentations. They have millions of high-res photos to choose from (no boring stock photos) or you can upload your own. You have the ability to build beautiful looking charts and graphs right within the app. They also have a limit on the amount of words that you can use on a slide, so no more choosing if you should read or listen!


Seating arrangements

Someone has to come out and say it, no one likes sitting in a room that has rows of chairs. It makes it awkward if you have to get up and move through the aisle sticking your butt in your neighbors face and blocking their view. It is usually an uncomfortable, hard chair. It also doesn’t allow you to collaborate or network with your neighbors (unless you count constantly hitting them with your elbow and having to apologize). We need to change the ways that we approach seating at meetings.


Stability Balls

Who doesn’t like a little exercise with their meeting! Think about engaging the mind and body. Attendees are always surprised when they walk into a room and see this set up. It may take some persuasion tactics to get people to actually sit on the stability balls over the chairs in the room, but once they do, they are happy. It makes it a more collaborative environment especially if the speaker is sitting right there with them!


Concentric Circles

This will bring the entire audience closer to the speaker and fellow presenters. Some speakers will need to adjust to this format, as they normally just have to speak to the audience directly in front of them. Many comedians actually perform on stages that have concentric circles around them and they work the stage they are given to make sure that each area of the audience can see them. This creates a more intimate experience and is a good arrangement if you have a presenter who is going to have a conversation with the audience versus a lecture.


Classroom style

A smartphone, tablet and laptop: everyone has at least one of those at meetings today. What they usually don’t have are outlets that allow them to charge up. Normally you see people hover around 3 outlets trying to get their phone charged before it dies. Why don’t we offer more classroom style seating to accommodate our tech savvy attendees? Everyone has their own workspace and outlet to charge their tech. Think of Convene’s own set up – they have a stadium style semi-circle of desks with personal outlets for each attendee area. This encourages attendees to bring their tech and take notes!


When people attend meetings they don’t want to see and learn the same thing that they did at the one before. They want to be surprised, challenged and engaged! Give them that opportunity by offering them presentations that are outside of the box and seating styles that encourage collaboration. Your attendees will thank you!



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