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10 Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day (That Are Better Than a Gift Card)

Posted April 19, 2018 By Jillian Richardson

Heads up—Administrative Professionals Day is April 24th!

Have you ever given someone a gift, only to have them meet you with the world’s least convincing “Oh wow, it’s… great?” Yeah, that doesn’t feel good.

Don’t submit yourself to that kind of torture during this Administrative Professionals Day. Instead, get a gift that they’ll actually like.

Ready for a genuine smile? Here are 10 ideas to get you there:

Look Optic Screen Readers

Glasses make you look smarter. Really. Science says it’s true.

Why not help your assistant feel like a genius, and protect their eyeballs, to boot? These Look Optic screen readers will increase their protection from blue light by 53%, plus reduce their odds of getting Computer Vision Syndrome. (Yep, that’s a thing. Maybe have a team digital detox soon).

Price: $78

Q Designs Jewelry

There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling of getting onto an important call–– then realizing that your phone is going to die in two minutes. This stylish, stainless steel bracelet will make sure that never happens again.

How? Well, you can get a 50% charge without asking a stranger for a cord. Did that nervous sweat just transform into a relaxed swag-walk? Yes. Yes, it did.

Price: $150

MM.LaFleur Bento Box

Finding great clothes for the office—that don’t require expensive dry-cleaning—can be a huge pain. Thankfully, MM.LaFleur offers customized wardrobe boxes for every style. Plus, the outfits are made to look great, even if you shove them into your suitcase. One thing to note, however—you’re required to fill out a survey (to learn about your style) before getting your Bento Box, so gifting these can be a bit tricky. You could have someone who knows your admin professional well fill it out, or (just for this one) they sell gift certificates.

Bonus points if you get your assistant an in-person styling. MM.LaFleur offers them in NYC, Chicago, and DC!

Price: $110 for a shirt to around $325 for a dress

Experience Journal

Blank journals make boring presents. Instead, encourage your assistant to dream big with the Experience Journal. Each page has prompts that create a framework for brainstorming, opportunities to describe your observations of the world, and a dot grid for ideation. If the administrative professional in your life is into design, then they’ll adore this gift!

Price: $15

The Learner Notebook

I know that comparison is the thief of joy… but The Learner totally knocks blank pages out of the park.

This notebook gives users the space to reflect on a daily basis. Prompts encourage users to think about what they saw, heard, read, and discovered—and then explore the meaning of their experiences.

Daily journaling is proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels—what better gift to give?

Price: Roughly $32 USD


Imagine it: a world where no one needs to live in fear of a dead phone. Or a forgotten cable. Or battery pack. The Lifecard from PlusUs is here to deliver that utopia. This smart lil’ device can give your device the charge it needs, without taking up a ton of space in your bag.

This thing is small. Like the size of a credit card small. Plus, with finishes like 20 karat yellow gold, it will add some class to anyone’s pocketbook.

Price: $99.95


This is gifting on another level.

Get it?! Sorry.

But seriously—these floating lights, planters are some of the coolest pieces of home décor we’ve ever seen. Those Swedish designers sure know what they’re doing.

Price: Our personal favorite, the LYFE Planter, is $299


Sometimes, you need to solve a caffeine crisis on the go. Behold: the Dripkit. This portable pour-over will help you get direct trade, Guatemalan caffeine right into your body, no matter where you are. Everyone knows how important a good cup of coffee is to a productive work day. Who cares if you’re the weird person on the subway making drip coffee?

Price: 10-pack for $28

Grovemade Speakers

This one is for the audiophile admin. The single full-range driver of Grovemade reproduces sound in its purest form. Be extra impressive and let your administrative professional know that they have a back-loaded horn design.

Price: $800 for speakers and amp.

Juniper Books

Image courtesy of Juniper Books

Book lovers, rejoice! Someone is treating your love like an art, rather than something that should be shoved into a Kindle and smooshed into a purse. Juniper crafts custom covers that create a beautiful theme throughout any set of books. Plus, they’re handmade in Boulder, Colorado! If you’re looking for something more rugged, check out the American Landscape set. Or, if your administrative professional is a fan of magic, try one of their many Harry Potter sets.

Price: Starting under $99


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