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Commute Recommendations

What We’re Reading, Watching, and Listening to on Our Commutes This Week

Posted May 11, 2018 By Convene

Welcome to Commuter Cravings—our semi-regular list of recommendations for commute entertainment from the team here at Convene. Whether you get to work by car, train, boat, or your own legs, we’ve got something to keep your mind occupied.

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Brooke Morris | Production Specialist


Commute: Walking, Graduate Hospital to Center City


commute podcast recommendations



I’m always listening to Last Podcast on the Left during my morning commute! From true crime to conspiracy theories, the guys dive into the why behind some of the most well-known true crime stories and historic figures and give you details about their lives that aren’t talked about.

I’ve been listening to their latest episodes on Rasputin and they know how to add humor and keep you interested in historic figures that you would have never thought to learn about otherwise.


Meredith Morris | Account Manager

Los Angeles

Commute: Car, the 10 from Culver City to DTLA




My commute is 45 minutes and in the past I’ve spent it talking on the phone or scanning through the radio trying to avoid listening to commercials.  Recently I’ve started listening to podcasts on my drive. I normally listen to “girly” podcasts but I’ve had multiple people recommend a serial-style podcast called Dirty John.  It was produced by the L.A. Times along with a series of articles about the same subject.

It’s about a woman who starts a relationship with a man who turns out to have a secret past.  Her family dislikes him from the moment he enters their lives, but he is a conman and has convinced this woman that he loves her.  It’s an insane true story and has me looking forward to my commute to hear what happens next!


Erin Wade | Regional VP of Sales

New York City

Commute: Subway, R train from Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan



I’m obsessed with an app called Texture.  With a subscription, each month I get upwards of 100 different online magazines to peruse during my commute.  To say I love it is an understatement – it has a magazine for every mood.

This week, I was intrigued by the May issue of Inc.—in particular, an article written by Tom Foster who is the editor-at large for Inc. titled ‘The Race to Reinvent Everything’ which takes a deep dive look inside the Direct To Consumer machine.  Given that I ride the subway virtually every day, I see ads plastered throughout the train cars selling every DTC startup possible—Baublebar, Casper, Handy, Dollar Shave Club—the list is endless.  I remember when Warby Parker was just starting, now Warton professors in this article refer to DTC concepts that could be Warby-ed.  I found it incredibly interesting to think about the different product categories within the DTC brands, and why some are so successful, and why some fail.  The article also references Customer Acquisition Cost being the new rent—which is something that I think may eventually push this particular sector back to its brick and mortar roots.

Call me a nerd, but I see the DTC industry thrive and fail all around me in NYC and this article was fascinating.  Definitely worth the read.





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