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Say Goodbye to Sad Desk Lunches With These Meal Prep Instagrams

Posted November 19, 2018 By Jillian Richardson

Are you eating the same sad sandwich at your desk every day? Don’t worry, I’m not judging. I’ve been there before. But you’ve only got one life—so you might as well eat food that brings a smile to your face! These 10 Instagram accounts, from ridiculously creative school lunches to genius meal prep hacks, will give you the inspiration you need to ditch that plain PB&J forever.




This Belgian mom takes the time to pack glorious lunches for both herself and her children. Get grown-up meal ideas like mini quiche, spiced carrots, energy ball, and fruit. Or get a little playful and start adding googly eyes to your food. Come on, they make everything more fun!

My favorite post: This sweet and salty lunch combo is making me hungry.



If your lifestyle includes the words “Crossfit” or “Whole 30,” you’re going to love this account. This Dutch woman is a masterful meal prepper and posts photos of her meals almost daily. “My best tip for meal prep is to use airtight containers and put your fridge on a cold setting,” their founder said. “That way you can prepare lunch for a couple of days without it spoiling. People are often afraid to eat food that’s more than a day old, but when you prep smart, it really is possible to have a nice and tasty lunch after a couple of days!”

My favorite post: This beautiful shot. Something about those organized Tupperwares is deeply soothing.




If you’re a cooking newbie like me, this account is super helpful. They provide step-by-step videos to make dipping your toe into the meal prep waters less scary. For example, the video above shows how to make a salmon poke bowl. Personally, that sounds way too difficult—but the clip proves that it actually only takes a few simple steps.

My favorite post: These North African-style poached eggs. Omnomnom.


Healthy Minute Meals

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PUMPKIN CASHEW BUTTRR PANCAKES By: @sara.haven @sara.haven . Serves: 1-2 INGREDIENTS: ¼ cup coconut flour ¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice ¼ teaspoon baking soda 2 tbsp. cashew butter butter (can sub any nut butter) 2 eggs, slightly beaten 1 egg white, beaten stiff (optional, but makes the pancakes fluffy) ½ tbsp. maple syrup (you can sub stevia or another sweetener) 3 tbsp. pumpkin purée 3 tbsp. almond milk . Instructions: Combine first two dry ingredients in a small bowl. In separate bowl, stir nut butter, eggs, maple syrup (or honey), and pumpkin. Slowly stir in almond milk. Add dry ingredients to wet, stir until well combined, then let batter sit for a couple minutes. Cook up your cakes! . Check out @sara.haven for more. Enjoy!

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Maybe a lack of cooking knowledge isn’t your reason for skipping meal prep—it’s a lack of time. Hate to break it to you, but you won’t be able to use that excuse any more! This Instagram highlights recipes that are ridiculously easy to make. Even if you don’t have a dedicated meal prep day, these are so simple that you could make them in the hour before you head to work.

My favorite post: These drool-worthy shrimp and summer veggie foil packs


Daily Vegan Meal Prep

Meal prep doesn’t have to be all ground turkey and chicken breasts. It can be vegan, too! This account will make any gym bro jealous. “My best meal prep tip is to perfect a few simple go to meal combos, that you can add variety to by just changing a sauce or swapping out a grain or veggie,” their team told me. “That way, you don’t spend so much time stressing over what to prep, and you’re guaranteed a great meal!”

Recipes include creamy butternut squash pasta, a simple vegan brunch, and broccoli cheddar soup. I feel healthier just watching these videos!

My favorite post: A vegan full day of eating


Marimo 221

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↟↟↟ . 10.31(水) . . おはようございます☺︎︎ 今日はキャベツとゆで卵の春巻きです。 こりもせずとろけるチーズ入り。 . . キャベツとゆで卵の春巻き 卵焼き 切り干し大根カレー炒め 茹でブロッコリー かにかま ごはん(@futaba_tomo さんの梅ふりかけ) おやつ . . @futaba_tomo さんのふりかけ(2枚目) 彩豊かで種類も豊富です。 今日は #味くらべ梅 。 かわいいピンク色 . . 先日、次男とテレビでYouTubeを観ていて。 オススメのとこに「WANIMA 新曲」って出てきて。 次男に「WANIMAの新曲だって!」と観てたんですけど。 男の人が1人でダンスしながら踊り出して。 私→「あれ?WANIMA出てこないね」 次男→「あれじゃね?ストーリー仕立てなんだよ」 と、しばらくジーーッと観る。 半分くらい見たところで気がついた。 . . これ。 WANIMAじななくて #WANAWANA だよ! と次男。 . . お母さん…( ≖_≖) と呆れる次男。 いやいや、文字の感じ似てたじゃん 似てないですか!?似てますよね 笑。 それにしても気が付かないで観てた自分達にびっくりでした #思い込みって怖い #ボケてるにもほどがある #見切り発車が過ぎる #どちらのファンの方もすみません‍♂ . . 朝からくだらない話。 失礼しました┏○ペコ . さー、水曜日。 頑張っていきましょう⚑*゚ . . #ふたば苑 #弁当 #お弁当 #おべんとう #男子弁当 #高校生弁当 #息子弁当 #キャベツと卵の春巻き#クッキングラム #暮らしを楽しむ#サーモス弁当#豊かな食卓 #lunchbox #おうちごはんlover #春巻き弁当 #お弁当記録 #旦那弁当 #簡単弁当 #夫弁当 #男子高校生弁当 #cookingram #お弁当作り楽しもう部 #日々のこと #バカ話

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These packed lunches are art. Seriously, they are bonkers beautiful. If you have a thing for Japanese food, or want inspiration to start cooking more international cuisine, this account will be your jam. Admittedly, I can’t read Japanese, so I can’t exactly tell what the contents of each container is. All I know is that I’m inspired to up my fruit and veggie intake just from looking at the pictures.

My favorite post: This lunchbox


365 Days of Mini Me Lunchbox


This account is a great inspiration for anyone who has children, or wants to incorporate a little more playfulness into their life. These bento boxes are filled with adorable fruit creatures, sandwiches with eyes, and inspirational messages. Personally, these pictures make me want to start writing love notes to myself in my lunchbox!

My favorite post: This mildly terrifying fruit face


Meal Prep and Chill

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Awesome & quick breakfast ideas for non-morning people! . No time, no prob! ✨ These 5-min nutritious breakfasts are everything during busy weeks. ⁣⁣ Hardboiled egg & avo toast: hardboil a batch of eggs at the beginning of the week to mix & match with brekkie & snacks for easy high quality protein. Or make a HB egg in 5 min with an instant pot!⁣⁣ ✨ @BobsRedMill Muesli Cup: simply add hot water or milk to the fill line, let it sit for 5 min while you get ready for the day & it’s ready to eat! Made with whole grains (this one is made with coconut as the base), nuts, seeds & dried fruit. Hello filling fiber + good fats! ⁣ Egg, cheese & spinach sammie: ✔️protein, ✔️whole grains, ✔️vitamin + minerals⁣⁣ Fruit + HB egg: the ultimate grab & go option!⁣⁣ Yogurt with fruit & granola: creamy, crunchy & protein-rich.⁣⁣ Green smoothie: start with a handful of green leafys then add 1-2 servings of fruit. Can also add protein powder, yogurt & milk for protein. ⁣⁣ ======== Follow & Tag @mealprep.andchill and #mealprepandchill to get featured! SAVE this post to reference later! Reposted from: @nutritionbymia —————- . . . #healthybreakfast #healthybreakfastideas #easybreakfast #betterbreakfast #goodfats #RDeats #foodfacts #nutritionfacts #healthyliving #eatrealfood #wholefood #mindfuleating #mealprepping #RDapproved #nutritionist #foodbeast #mealpreponfleek #mealprepandchill #breakfastideas #breakfastprep

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In case you’re feeling stressed about the concept of making all this food, Meal Prep and Chill is here for you. They post full days of meal ideas, snack-spiration, and jokes for those times when you start taking your healthy eating a little too seriously.

Plus, they have a free community for people who are looking to venture on a cooking journey with others. Hooray for the Internet!


Bonus: Convene

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This is not a stock photo. #convenecommunitylunch #workplace #flexspace #officelife #reimagined via @chelseabeloff

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We like food a whole lot here at Convene, what with our world class culinary team. We can’t help but post some of the tasty meals that we enjoy here every now and then!


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