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Chicago Office Design

Small Chicago Office Transformed from Stuffy to Sublime

Posted March 6, 2019 By Andrew Littlefield

Tucked inside the walls of an old masonry shell in Chicago is a cozy office with sleek features and a workspace designed for flexibility. It’s a far cry from the interior that was there before—a cramped space with white dry wall and bland carpet. Now it’s a space worthy of the creative work that happens inside.

Photos by Mike Schwartz, courtesy of Vladimir Radutny Architects


Chicago Office DesignThe space before renovation and expansion


Designed by Vladimir Radutny Architects for Ranquist Development Group, the 1,200 square foot space packs a lot of visual punch in a small space. Working from the outside in, the design team—made up of Radutny, Fanny Hothan, and Joe Signorelli—creating a space that connects inhabitants with their surroundings and frees them from containment. The resulting space won the firm numerous awards, including being named one of Crain’s “Coolest Chicago Offices.”


Office renovation project in ChicagoThe painted masonry on the exterior of the building


Geometric metal screens are used to divide a room, while still allowing light to pass through. These screen also support the built-in desks which offer storage space and plenty of room to spread out and work.


Chicago office renovation projectEntering the office through the glass-walled garage


One of the most eye-catching features isn’t even inside the office at all, but directly outside it. A glass-walled garage is visible through the space, a view made all the more aesthetically pleasing by a silver Porsche convertible in pictures by photographer Mike Schwartz.


Chicago office renovation projectLarge openings and windows throughout bring light to the interior of the space


Like another Radutny office project in Chicago, the office takes advantage of the existing structural elements already inside—brick walls, concrete floors, exposed wood beams. But rather than leave it at these elements, Radutny and team introduce geometric elements that simultaneously contrast and complement the rough, industrial features.


Chicago Office Renovation

“The feeling of being inside a raw, beautiful, calm and recalibrated environment,” says Radutny. “A space that makes one pause and look around, to pay attention to elements that one may not have noticed right away, a space that provides a memory for those that work there or for those that visit.”


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