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AAPI Heritage Month: Spotlight on Alexa Garrison

Posted May 26, 2022 By Convene

We believe that people are at the core of any business, and as an extension of this philosophy, we take pride in celebrating our team’s passions and accomplishments at every chance we get. To give you a closer look at the people and experiences that are driving our company, we’re spotlighting leaders that bring Convene’s mission to life.  In honor of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI), we’re excited to introduce Alexa Garrison, our Senior Director of Data and Corporate Strategy.

Alexa has been with Convene for over two years and is currently leading a team of data and revenue analysts and engineers that work to provide key insights to Convene innovations and strategic initiatives. She is also a Convene Wish recipient, an internal program providing employees with funds and time off to pursue their passions outside of work.

Read more about her role, background and community pride, and her thoughts on how companies can support the AAPI community to celebrate this May.

What are some of your favorite projects you work on in your role at Convene?  

I really enjoy cross-functional strategic work like defining our KPIs and understanding the health of our business. I like to prioritize anything that impacts multiple functions for the company as a whole. Convene, like many other companies, has a lot of dependencies across the different departments and I enjoy mapping out how insights can affect different parts of the organization. For example, information from our commercial team could help inform our product roadmap, or information from our operations teams could impact finance or customer success. A bird’s eye view of the company is the best part about working in Corporate Strategy.

Can you tell us about your experience with the Convene Wish program, and your Wish? 

 My Convene Wish was to volunteer for Kode with Klossy’s data science summer program. They were looking for members of the Data Science community to teach courses and guide scholars through an end-of-year capstone project. Data Science can seem really intimidating and is still a relatively new field that many students don’t hear about until midway through college or even after graduation. As someone who studied math and works in data, I am always encouraging women to join the world of STEM (which is still very male-dominated). I ultimately decided to submit a wish because I knew how amazing the Kode with Klossy program was and wanted to share my journey and help the young women in the program. I am thankful for the time off to work on passions of mine outside of work. Between work, health, family and friends, volunteering is something that often gets deprioritized in a busy schedule. I am lucky to get the time to put work on the back burner and focus on giving back to the community. 

Can you share more about your heritage? What does the importance of  being AAPI mean to you, your community, and your career?

I am Indian and grew up in a predominantly Asian town in New Jersey. I didn’t realize the importance or impact of my community until I left for college. I’ve learned that no matter where I ended up, being around other members of the AAPI community with shared experiences was incredibly special to me. I think companies should elevate all members of minority groups in the workplace to boost diversity of thought and create a more inclusive workplace. It’s really important to me to hire diverse team members with new and different experiences than the majority.

How can companies support AAPI communities or celebrate this heritage month? 

There are so many subcultures within the AAPI community, and I think it’s important for companies to acknowledge that! Even within India, there are so many different states who speak different languages, practice different religions, and eat different foods. In my opinion, giving a voice to AAPI members to share their unique experiences while knowing it may not be representative of the whole community is very important. One very special thing about the Asian continent is the origin of the spice trade, and how it affected the cuisines of all the different regions. Food is a love language for me, and whenever I think of celebrating AAPI heritage, it always involves food!

If companies are looking to support AAPI culture this month (and any month!), they can host meals from AAPI restaurants so that people can try and taste something new. Another option is to host a company outing to engage in some AAPI history and culture. Maybe it’s a Chinese tea tasting, an Indian cooking class, or a Japanese origami class. The list goes on. If you can’t decide, just ask! Ask your employees what they think would be most impactful to them and let them choose what they would want to do to celebrate this month.

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