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Spotlight on our Team: Rachel Levy

Posted April 22, 2022 By Convene

At Convene, we’re passionate, some may say obsessed, about meetings and events. And we have been for more than 13 years. This commitment is engrained far beyond our products and services, and starts with the people that join our team. Every member, from our service technicians and chefs, to AV Directors and Engineers, to our product managers and sales leads, brings a love for meetings and events to the company to help us in furthering our mission. To give you a closer look at the people and faces behind our company, we’re spotlighting various leaders that make our vision come to life. Today, we’re introducing Rachel Levy, Convene’s Global Sales & Partnerships Senior Executive, based out of Chicago.

Rachel Levy

Rachel grew up in a hospitality family, and has worked in various operations and global sales roles before joining Convene in 2021. Based out of Chicago, Rachel currently works to develop and implement sales strategies that focus on growth opportunities and partnerships with Convene clients all over the world.

We recently sat down with Rachel to discuss her experiences in the industry and at Convene so far, and to additionally gain her insights into the ever-evolving world of hybrid meetings and events. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your background and industry background? How did you get into it?

Growing up in a hospitality family gave me an immense appreciation for the details that go into each customer’s experience. I developed a fascination for serving and these details early on, and in fact, when I was six years old, I was more interested in helping distribute pool towels than actually playing in the pool! I was captivated by the industry and knew that it was the field that I wanted to pursue. I dedicated my education to Hospitality & Tourism, and over my career, grew a deep passion for sales.

What attracted you to Convene, and what most excites you about working here?

Convene represents a solution that doesn’t exist anywhere else. By sourcing everything in-house, Convene can apply premium standards for quality control and provide cutting edge technology that differentiates meeting and event experiences. This Convene experience resonates deeply with our customers, and their loyalty is a testament to that. It is beyond exciting to showcase our range of offerings, standard of excellence, and client testimonials when introducing our company to event planners for the first time. I can feel their excitement build when they realize that Convene is the solution that they’ve been looking for!

What are some of the topics that come up most frequently in your conversations with clients?

I can sum that up in one word: uncertainty. Planners know that last minute changes and disruptions are often expected in the events they are planning, and now so more than ever before. While many of my customers are unsure of meeting budgets or whether their events will be in-person, hybrid, or virtual, events have continued to serve as important tools to meet their business objectives. I want to understand my customers’ needs and to provide strategic solutions while avoiding additional risk for them. We have to be resilient and flexible together in order to navigate the new normal of today’s events industry.

What are some of your industry predictions for the next 5 years?

Hybrid events will continue to grow. Hybrid has bridged the gap during the pandemic by providing greater flexibility and reach, while maintaining great levels of engagement. Because of all these benefits, I don’t see hybrid going away any time soon. Micro events will also become more common – scaled back events which are easier to manage and have less financial risk. Companies like Convene are rising to the occasion by providing flexible, yet premium, solutions for events of all types no matter format, audience size, or geographic region.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a planner starting to plan a complex event this year?

It’s important to align with the right partners that can support pivots and keep the show on the road. Contingency planning up front is crucial to making your event a success. I would recommend that planners work with venues and partners that are true collaborators on their production, and partners that have experience in being flexible and pivoting so that they’re in good hands as they bring their production to life.

Any advice for people who are interested in getting into the event industry?

Having lived in Beijing, San Diego, Orlando, Miami, and now downtown Chicago, I would encourage young people to jump at experiences outside of their hometowns to gather as many cultural experiences as they can in the beginning of their careers. Stay open minded! If you’re interested in a career in sales, I would recommend starting off in operations like I did. Understanding the needs of your clients and how events work will be crucial to your role in sales, and give you business intuition and credibility you need to succeed. Lastly, get involved in an industry organization like MPI or PCMA and join a committee. These organizations are the beginning of a life-long network of amazing people that will be resources to you throughout your entire career.


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