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Chicago Airbnbs for Business Travel

5 Stylish Chicago Airbnbs for Your Next Business Trip

Posted October 12, 2018 By Jillian Richardson

What’s not to love about Chicago?

Beautiful neighborhoods, world class food, historic architecture, and that gorgeous blue lake. If you have to travel for work, the Windy City certainly isn’t a bad destination.

Next time you visit Chicago for work, check out one of these innovative Airbnbs! There’s no better way to get an authentic neighborhood experience. Even if you don’t close any big deals, you’ll still have one of these amazing spots to look forward to:

Sleep In Style

Rate per night: $175

Number of bedrooms: 1

Traveling solo and craving a little luxury? Look no further than this fashion-forward home in Irving Park, just a 15 minute drive from O’Hare. Featuring exposed brick, an Art Deco ceiling, and plenty of comfy furniture, this space offers a cozy, stylish vibe.

A huge bonus with this location is that you can park your car in their garage. Hooray for skipping the waking nightmare that is finding parking in Chicago!

If you’d prefer to stay in the neighborhood, plenty of Airbnb reviews confirm that the restaurant located downstairs is top-notch.

As one guest puts it, “If you want a local feel to Chicago and the added benefit of being close to the nightlife of Logan Square and Wicker Park, then this is the place for you. The room is spacious and decorated with a great sense of style… The restaurant downstairs was amazing.”

Book your stay here.


Chicago Airbnb for business travel

Photogenic in Pilsen

Rate per night: $120

Number of bedrooms: 2

If you work for a company with an artistic vibe, then your group will love this spacious apartment. It’s got enough room for a photoshoot—and the exposed beams make for the perfect background.

In fact, the owner is a photographer himself. As he says on the listing, “The open floor plan allows me to have huge studio photo shoots or whittle back the studio setup and just have lots of room to breathe and live.” Whether you want to relax with your colleagues or whip out the camera and get creative, you’ll have the perfect space.

Bonus: there’s a projector for team movie nights!

Ready to be inspired? Snag your room here.


Airbnbs in Chicago for business travel

Stay with the Cool Kids

Rate per night: $145

Number of bedrooms: 2

According to Buzzfeed, this AirBnb is one of the most popular in America, and it’s easy to see why—the design is absolutely gorgeous. The entire apartment looks like it was dreamed up by a wealthy hippy, someone who knows where to tastefully throw a sheepskin and some tasseled rug, but doesn’t overdo it.

My favorite part about this layout is the gorgeous private garden. I can picture myself waking up, brewing some coffee, and sitting outside to journal and meditate before starting my day. Come on. You know you want to.

Learn more and start living your best life here.


Airbnbs in Chicago that are good for business trips

A Night At the Museum

Rate per night: $175

Number of bedrooms: 3

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a slumber party in an art gallery? Well, now you can find out! The Open House Contemporary’s Woodsman Gallery is filled with work from creatives all over the nation—and the space also happens to be an AirBnb.

Everything about this home is wonderful, the kitchen is airy, has a rustic wooden table, and is scattered with art, like sculptures, paintings, and plants. The bedrooms are delightfully minimalist, opening to a patio filled with plants. And the living room… somehow has a bookshelf that’s made of chairs. That’s just wonderfully weird.

The best part? If you and your coworkers aren’t super close, you’ll have a couple dozen art pieces to discuss. You’re welcome!

To find your inner artist, book here.


Chicago airbnb for business trip

Check Into Paradise

Rate per night: $650

Number of bedrooms: 4

From the moment you enter this home and see the stairway with the painted-on teeth, you’ll know that the space is a little… or a lot… different.

I’m obsessed with the neon pink shark that hangs out above the fireplace, as well as the full bathroom with the bright blue tub. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel more creative. As a result, this is a great location for an arts-focused organization. (Or anyone who just wants to throw a great party.)

If your company has the budget to splurge—or is obsessed with bright colors—this is the place for you. Make sure you take a selfie with the bathroom flamingo and have a business trip that you’ll never forget.

Pack your shades and book your room here.


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