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Survey Results: What Your Office Really Needs in 2021

Posted February 24, 2021 By Convene

At Convene, we strive to meet the needs of today’s workforce and ensure that we’re innovating for the future. For us, that begins with understanding how people prefer to work and feel most productive. The pandemic has greatly impacted traditional office life, changing how and where we work in many ways. And as a result, we’ve observed a greater demand for flexible workspaces that accommodate hybrid styles of working. 

Toward the end of 2020, we conducted a national survey with over 1200 participants to better understand how we can adapt our WorkPlaces to support in-person work and meetings as more of the workforce becomes hybrid. Our respondents represented four employee cohorts: tech/science, finance, insurance, and advertising/marketing. In this study, we found that certain spaces and features—brainstorming space, high-tech workstations, and soundproofing—are more important than others for an ideal coworking experience and success at work.

When compared to results from an internal survey of Convene employees from 2019, we can see that workplace priorities have shifted dramatically since the pandemic. We’ve compiled key findings from the survey below. 

Proximity to public transit being ranked last in the list of things that are important for co-working

The recent survey shows that “proximity to public transit” is ranked last in the list of things that are important for co-working, with an average of 27% of respondents saying it’s important. In fact, proximity to public transit is even ranked behind soundproofing and ergonomic seating. When compared to the 2019 internal Convene survey, when this amenity was identified as the second most important for co-working, this is a stunning shift in ranking.

This finding points to two possible trends for the future of work: 

  1. We are going to continue a virtual and hybrid work model
  2. Workplaces need to be worthwhile to return to with collaborative spaces to support various types of in-person work

Brainstorming space is increasingly critical for success at work.

According to our 2020 study, brainstorming space is incredibly important as 46% of respondents said it could contribute significantly to their success. In order of ranking, brainstorming space is the third most important factor for contributing to success at work, behind high-tech workstations and free snacks and coffee. However, this is a marked shift from the 2019 survey which revealed that brainstorming space was ranked at number twenty-one on the list of amenities that contribute to success at work.

This finding highlights a key trend for the future of workplaces, and underscores the fact that coming together in-person is still the most efficient way to foster a collaborative and creative environment.

Meeting room at Convene in Chicago

No matter what the environment, people are drawn to natural light and beautiful architecture. 

Results from the 2019 internal survey and the 2020 national study show that natural light and beautiful architecture remain highly important. Natural light and beautiful architecture were noted as the most essential features for coworking spaces in our 2019 survey, and the second most important feature per our survey from 2020. 

Reception area at Convene in Chicago

High-speed wired internet is the feature most commonly selected as important for a home office, followed by natural light.

People still want high-tech workstations.

High-tech workstations were selected by 54% of our respondents—especially those in tech—as the most important amenity contributing to their workplace success.In fact, high-tech workstations have become more valued by more than two-fifths of each cohort since COVID-19.  

WorkSpace at Convene in NYC

While we continue to adjust to a new normal, we’re still hanging onto some of the simple pleasures of being in an office. Almost a year into the pandemic, we have become appreciative of the assurance of high-speed internet, opportunities to spontaneously brainstorm with our colleagues, and the free snacks and coffee that the office provides. 

At Convene, we take it a step further with spaces that respond to your needs, offering flexible memberships, human-centered design, hospitality services, and premium amenities. We’re here to support your success and help you have the best workday possible, however and wherever it happens.


DKC Analytics conducted this survey from October – November 2020 with a sample size of 1,202


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